Things you may not know about us

This story began back in the summer of 2013 when Tanya & Rodell met at a wedding of mutual frends in Minsk.

Rodell bumped into Tatiana and her friend Olga who is now her maid of honor, while they were taking pictures in the hall. He decided to not miss this opportunity to take a picture with a pretty lady. They parted without introducing themselves and not until much later during the reception dinner Rodell went to Tatiana’s table to introduce himself. At the second day of the wedding they had more time to chat and get to know each other better, and thanks to Facebook and Skype they developed a long distance relationship. Over the last year and a half it has been lots of trips between Minsk and Bahrain and here we are now planning our wedding.


Our very 1st Picture before we even knew each others names 


- Since the age of 14 Tanya sang at weddings almost every weekend and swor she would not have a wedding and wear the wedding dress....look at her now, hahaha!!!
- Tanya for a long time has wished to visit the Opera house in Sedney, she hopes to make it happen soon.

- Rodell's first job was washing pots in the kitchen of a large hospital in Miami and thinks this is why he hates doing dishes....

- Rodell for a long time had a desire to see the Minsk Public library in person and so did in 2013.