Sasha & Lazar

October 9, 2011

Things you may or may not know about us

Unlike most couples, Sasha and Lazar's story started one very cold winter evening during one of the worst snow storms in Toronto's recent history.  Lazar, not wanting to cancel on their first date, had a difficult task of finding anything that's open in a city that otherwise ground to a halt. Surrender was not an option, but after a few hours of trying, the situation still looked bleak.  Finally, he got through to what seemed the only place in town that remained in business.  After a long drive (and walk) through the snow, they found themselves completely alone in a beautiful French boutique restaurant where the owner was playing Serbian music and when he found out where they were from, served them with Slivowitz brandy to make them feel at home.  Since then this date, and this restaurant became somewhat of a annual tradition. 

Fast forward a bit, after many shared experiences, travels, and some disasters (like setting their house on fire shortly after Sasha moved in), Lazar and Sasha are ready to take the next step.

Some things you may not know about Sasha & Lazar           



- Sasha's natural hair color is ash blond
- Sasha has a piano, that she never played
- Sasha's first job was delivering newspapers in the neighborhood



- Lazar's first job was selling kitchens, something he knew nothing about
- Lazar makes the best gibanica in Toronto, if he is to be believed
- Lazar lived in five different countries