Monika & Michael

April 25, 2015

Reception information

The reception will also be held at Hotel Azyl.

It will follow the traditional Polish timeline for a wedding: we will start with a glass of champagne and everyone will wish us a happy married life, then we will sit down for a three-course dinner, followed by some dancing, followed by cake, followed by more dancing and the cold buffet with traditional Polish snacks, followed by the wedding cake at 10pm, followed by some more dancing and additional hot courses and grilled meats. Then on Sunday we will start at 2pm with some grilled meats and cold buffet, followed by some dancing, followed by some cake, followed by... you get the idea. We should release you around 9pm. The only non-traditional element will be the "no vodka" factor. But don't worry, there will be plenty of wine and craft beer to choose from.