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January 10, 2015 Karen and Ben
Hotel,Tourist and Restaurant Information
Hotel Information:

We have arranged for special rates at two hotels in La Paz (both located in the Zona Sur and close to the location of the wedding): the Casa Grande Suites, a five-star hotel and the Hotel Calacoto, a three-star hotel.

The Casa Grande Suites is the “official” hotel for the wedding and we will be providing transportation between the hotel, the church, the reception location and back to the Hotel Casa Grande on the day of the wedding. Below is the information on each hotel and how to reserve a room with the special rate.


Address: Av. Ballivian, Esq. Calle 17 Nº 1000, Calacoto

Telephone: 591-2-2795511

Contact Person: Marcela Cuentas (Manager)

Email: info@casa-grande.com.bo

Website: http://casa-grande.com.bo/casagrande_wp/


Luxury King Suite

Bs.   747.-

USD $   107.-

1 King bed = 1 Person or 1 Couple

Luxury 2 Full Suite 

Bs.   924.-

USD $   133.-

2 Full beds = 2 People

Luxury Family Suite 

Bs.   1.138.-

USD $   163.-

1 King bed + 2 Full beds = 3 o 4 People

All prices include breakfast and you must mention “BODA MARTINEZ-RAE” when you reserve in order to ensure the lower rate.


Address: 13 Street, Sánchez Bustamante Av. Corner Nº8009, Calacoto

Telephone: 591-2- 2774600

Contact Person: Gicela Miranda (Manager)

Email: info@hotelcalacto.com

Website: http://www.hotelcalacoto.com/


If more than 15 people stay here the prices are:


Bs.   330.-

USD $   48.10


Bs.   448.-

USD $   65.30


Bs.   552.-

USD $   80.50

 If fewer than 15 people stay here the prices are:


Bs.   747.-

USD $   72.75


Bs.   924.-

USD $   87.30


Bs.   1.138.-

USD $   104.50

All prices include breakfast and you must mention “BODA KAREN MARTINEZ” when you reserve in order to ensure the lower rate.

* Note that due to the price difference at the second hotel, if you are thinking of staying here please email Ben at Benjamin.rae01@gmail.com and he will provide you with an update of if others are also staying at the hotel to determine if you will receive the lower price or not.

Tourist Information:                

Please note: Travel to Bolivia for U.S. citizens requires an entry visa that can be obtained prior to travel at a Bolivian Consulate or at the entry point into Bolivia. More information on the requirements can be found at http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/country/bolivia.html

In La Paz:

Iglesia y Convento San Francisco: The oldest church in La Paz (construction began in 1548). The church has a museum and you can climb up to the roof of the church to get a good view of downtown La Paz. Address: Plaza San Francisco, La Paz.

Plaza Murillo: The main plaza in La Paz where the cathedral, presidential palace and national museum of art are located. There is also a large clock on display in this plaza that rotates counter-clockwise. The Ethnography and Folklore Museum is also located a couple of blocks from here.

Calle Jaen: This is one of the best preserved colonial streets in La Paz where people can look back in time on how the buildings of La Paz once were. There are four small museums on this street including the Gold Museum, the Museum of Precious Metals and the Casa Murillo that are all located on 1 block of this street.

Calle de las brujas (the Street of Witches): Is one of the more unique sights in La Paz where shamans still practice ancient indigenous rites. There are also many handicrafts stalls and stores nearby and the Museo de la Coca. Address: Calle Linares.

The Teleferico: This gondola connects La Paz to the city of El Alto. There are currently two lines that will take you from La Paz up to El Alto and you will have impressive aerial views of the city. On Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays there is a large open air market in the mornings in El Alto.

Valle de la luna: A fascinating geological anomaly is one of the most popular attractions in La Paz. The Moon Valley features a few kilometers of walking paths that navigate the huge stalagmites and trenches of the valley, carved out of the soil over centuries of erosion by the wind and rain. In addition to its fascinating geology, Valle de la Luna offers impressive views of the Andes Mountains of the Cordillera Real outside the city. Located about 10 kilometers from the “Zona Sur” of La Paz. By taxi it takes about 20 minutes to get there.

Valle de las animas: Valley of the Souls is group of canyons with many rock formations, each stabbing toward the sky in great clusters. There are several hiking routes through this area but these are much longer and more strenuous than the short walk around the Valle de la Luna.

Mirador Laikakota: here you will practically have a 360-degree view of the city. Located on Av. del Ejercito.

Mirador El Monticulo: Here you will have another good view of the city. Located in a nice park and near the Teleferico stop Plaza las Flores.  Address: Calle Presbitero Medina.


Day Trips Around La Paz

Tiawanaku: A Pre-Columbian archaeological site located about two hours from La Paz. It is the capital of an empire that extended into present-day Peru and Chile, flourishing from AD 300 to 1000 and famous for its monoliths.

Lake Titicaca: The highest navigable lake in the world! Copacabana is the town closest to La Paz and is about 3.5 hours from La Paz. If you go there, make sure to take a trip to Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca.

Coroico: A subtropical area in the Yungas region of Bolivia, about a two hour bus ride from La Paz. There are several walks in the area where you can see wildlife such as monkeys and you can also visit some of the coca farms of Bolivia.

El Camino de la Muerte (The Death Road): A full day downhill bike ride that starts above La Paz and descends to Coroico (approximately 4,000 meters below) over about 50 kilometers. The second half of the ride uses the “Camino de la Muerte” which is the old route to Coroico and has a steep drop off on one side. This road is no longer used by most automobiles and is primarily a tourist attraction. Ben has done this and highly recommends using Gravity Bikes (www.gravitybolivia.com) if you are thinking of doing this trip.

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