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January 10, 2015 Karen and Ben
Our Story

This story began four years ago. He was from the United States and she was from Bolivia but they met in Chile, working together in what was basically a shipping container due to an earthquake in Chile earlier that year.

In little time, Karen and Ben realized that although they were different, they had many things in common. Ben had an affinity for Latin America and learned Spanish in Spain and then lived for three years in Ecuador after graduating from college. After successfully being accepted to the United Nations, Ben ended up accepting a position in Santiago, Chile without knowing how fortuitous that decision would be.

Karen is adventurous and likes challenges. In her search to gain new experiences, she moved to Chile to study a Master’s degree and as a result, new opportunities presented themselves. Karen got a job at the United Nations, a place where she not only learned a lot, made friends who remain close to this day, but most importantly, met the love of her life Ben.


Ben is a little shy, but Karen is not, and it was English that brought the two of them together. After several weeks of Ben being terrified to speak to Karen, Karen broke the ice and suggested a travel with a group of friends, then and after many chats both of them though that it might be fun to discover new restaurants and places in Santiago: she wanted to improve her English so she offered to pay the dinner and he would teach her English in exchange. The dinners became frequent (although Karen only paid for the first class), the conversations long, and the hours passed quickly and it was there that they discovered that they had something much more special than just a friendship.

Time passed and with many shared experiences, happy times, and even some challenges, they decided that they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together. They enjoy traveling, trying new foods, seeing new places, and trying new sports. They are best friends and the love they have for one another overcomes their different cultures and languages.

Ben and Karen are extremely excited to share this celebration of starting this new chapter of their life with each one of you.

The Proposal

For several months before the actual proposal happened, Karen and Ben had been discussing getting engaged, married, and the future. While both of them knew that the date would eventually arrive, the fact that Ben was reluctant to provide an exact date caused Karen to become somewhat anxious.

Right before Christmas of 2013, Karen was going to travel to Bolivia to spend Christmas with her family and was more or less certain that the proposal would happen before she left. However, the date of her trip arrived, and the proposal did not.

While Karen was somewhat disappointed by the fact that Ben had yet to propose to her, Ben had already come up with a plan on how he was going to propose. Karen returned from Bolivia on December 28 because she and Ben were going to Mexico to celebrate New Year’s. Ben went to the airport to meet Karen and on the way back to the apartment everything was normal and they spoke about Karen’s trip to Bolivia.

Upon arriving at the apartment, Karen opened the door and saw that the lights were on in the apartment and was about to get mad at Ben before she realized why the lights were left on. In front of Karen, there was a large sign that said “Will you marry me?” roses, champagne and a ring. Karen did not really know how to react, as she was so surprised by the proposal and the next day they left to go celebrate New Year’s, and their engagement, in Mexico.

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