Joyce and Wei
September 30, 2012
The bride and the groom


The beautiful, blushing bride, Joyce Rao, at only 26 has shown a distinct flair for fashion and design.  Born in Hubei, China, and raised and educated in Wuhan, she has always shown a passion for beauty and art; she loves painting and singing, enjoys traveling, and has recently developed a love of cooking and experimenting with new recipes.  She is smart, beautiful, and successful – the epitome of a small business owner, though she still enjoys taking the time to stop and smell the flowers.  She has turned her love for fashion into a successful fashion boutique; she is currently pursuing her love of styling others through fashion design courses at Donghua University.


Wei Phung, originally Cantonese, was born, raised, and educated in Switzerland.  Although the third generation in his family growing up overseas, he discovered an urge to go back to his roots, and returned to China.  Like Joyce, he is an entrepreneur; he runs an ecommerce business that thrives under his typically active approach.  Although he has been fascinated with the internet’s development over time, he also retains physical hobbies – such as his love of tennis and travelling.  As everyone who meets him soon discovers, there is far more to him than just talk – what he promises, he will deliver.