June 30, 2012
About Us

As we trudged along into our new secondary school, fearful and uncertain about what the future held for us in the boarding house, bidding mum and dad good byes with tears and meeting with seniors that were tall and intimidating, little did young Segun and Ife know God had orchestrated Federal Government College Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria to be their first point of contact. Though Segun was very easy going and Ife was a tom boy in school, God still made their paths cross by making them have mutual friends and their families lived close to each other back in town. This made them acquaintances all through high school but on this platonic friendship, God will knit a dynamic story that will begin at ‘always’ and end at ‘forever’!


Ife’s version

Some years back, I got a call from Segun. It was a pleasant surprise and I was impressed that he could keep in touch with old friends from way back (I got to know later that he is very good in keeping in touch with old friends). One way or the other, we lost contact. Oftentimes, I call up friends who live in any town I visit so as to have the opportunity of seeing them and it's also my usual practice to visit my parents, who coincidentally live in the same state as Segun. So on one of such visits, many months later, as God would have it, Segun's name just flashed through my mind, so I called him. He was happy to hear from me and surprisingly, promised to pay a visit before I left town. That visit marked the beginning of renewed friendship and thus love.

Segun has come to be my confidant, always lending a listening ear and always willing to give the most objective opinions. He is genuine in his love for me, his family and most importantly God. I can’t wait till June 30, 2012 when I will officially become Mrs. Olusegun Alabi. My Darling, I look forward to sharing the future with you. I love you plenty!


Segun’s Version

I got Ife’s contact some years back from a mutual friend and gave her a call. She sounded so lively and happy to re-connect after a long time. We lost contact until many months later, when she came to the town I live and surprisingly gave me a call to ask if I was in town. We met and gisted endlessly. Seeing her was a pleasant sight to behold as she had grown into a pretty and interesting lady, unlike the tom-boy she was when in school. I kept in touch this time, making sure communication lines didn’t go dead again.  Thank God it didn’t and we are sealing the deal with a permanent connection come June 30.

I.D, No combination of words can best describe how much you mean and will always mean to me. I am so convinced that God loves me. He gave me a very beautiful gift, a gift that I will cherish and appreciate forever, a gift that money can never buy. I love you, Sweets. We’ve come a long way and I can’t wait to see where we’re heading!