Claire-Marie & Mark

August 14, 2014

Things you may not know about us

Claire-Marie and Mark met in law school and hit it off in the back of a torts class. It was the fall of 2009. Mark, normally very punctual, arrived late one day for class after finishing late at work. Claire-Marie was always (fashionably) five minutes late. The two chatted for the whole class. After noticing that she also checked the Champions League scores while taking notes, Mark, in the presence of many of her friends, asked Claire-Marie on a date in early 2010. 

They went for Mexican food and a coffee. Claire-Marie was - you guessed it - about five minutes late.

Since then they’ve grown closer and closer despite occasionally being on different sides of the world. Their journey launched in Montreal and has stopped in British Columbia, Le Reposoir, Turin, Grenoble, Tokyo, Toronto and Prince Edward Island, and this is just beginning. 


Claire-Marie was born in West Berlin, before the wall came down. Eldest child of Luigi and Dominique and older sister to Agnes, Francesca and Antonio, she left home at 17 for Montreal where she obtained her university degrees and eventually met the man of her dreams: Mark. 
Having caught the travel bug because of her dad’s assignments abroad, she firmly believes that home is where loved ones are. Home is therefore all over: in Montreal and Trail (Canada), Le Reposoir, Saint Laurent du Pont, and Vétrigne (France), Naples, Turin and Milan (Italy), Geneva (Switzerland), Yokohama and Tokyo (Japan), Sydney (Australia), and Corfu (Greece) to name a few places.


Mark was born in Trail, B.C, the youngest child of Chris and Louise and the little brother of Tipper and Mary. Ready to fly the nest, he ventured via Kamloops to Montreal, which has been his base since 2005 for trips to West Africa, India, Japan and Western Europe, and of course back home to Trail. In between he picked up a new language, degrees in Economics and Law from McGill, and met the girl of his dreams: Claire-Marie.