Most couples decide to plan their wedding during the summer months, and this is done for a variety of reasons. First off, weather is an important factor when planning your wedding, particularly if is going to be held outdoors; and summer is a safe bet to be warm and sunny weather compared to any other season. Additionally, people often have more free time in the summer. If some of your guests have children, they usually already have plans in place for daycare or babysitting as well.

But despite all of the obvious advantages that having a summer wedding can provide to your guests, you as a couple can enjoy more flexibility in the types of activities that you want to have at your wedding. One activity that is very popular and only possible during a summer wedding is using sparklers. There are many ways you can use wedding sparklers at your reception, and these are a few tips to get the most out of the beautiful summer weather at your wedding.

Choose a Location

If you’re planning to use sparklers at your summer wedding, choosing the right location is crucial. Depending on how you plan to use them, you’re likely going to need a wide open location that is free of fire hazards and obstacles. If you are having your wedding on a beach like many couples do, you won’t have to think about it too much since it’s perfectly suited for using sparklers already. If you are choosing a more traditional wedding venue, you’ll want to make sure there is a field or parking lot area that is away from any buildings and trees. Just consider your venue carefully if you plan to use sparklers so your wedding is safe and fun.



Plan Your Activity

There are a number of activities you can perform with sparklers at a wedding, but not every venue will work for them all. Most commonly, couples choose to use sparklers in place of confetti or rice during their send-off line or grand entrance into the reception area. You need to make sure there is plenty of space if this is the route you choose, and also make sure that the venue allows the use of sparklers in the first place. If you plan to use them as photo props, which can be another popular option, you’ll need to take the same factors into consideration.

Choose Your Sparklers

Regardless of how and where you plan to use your sparklers, choosing the right length, color, and type is very important. You don’t want to have them burn out too quickly, so your best option is to choose 20” wedding sparklers for most activities. Additionally, if you plan to use them indoors or in a confined area, you’ll want to choose gold sparklers since they don’t create any smoke as they burn. Lastly, you want to make sure you buy actual wedding sparklers instead of cheap sparklers that you find at most fireworks retailers. Wedding sparklers will be packaged nicer and also be made to a higher standard of quality.


If you find the right venue that accommodates the use of wedding sparklers and know how you plan to use them, you can make an informed decision when you choose the size, color, and brand of sparklers that you want to buy. By considering all three of those things carefully, using sparklers at your summer wedding can add a tremendous amount of value to your celebration.