If you are going to have a large event like a family gathering, a party, corporate event, or a wedding, then you need to hire a professional caterer. The problem within catering industry is that there is no standardized grading system for the caterers and any person may get started in the business. It is up to you do decide which caterer is right for your so that it will be a great event.

Start to look for caterers from the recommendations of friends: regardless of how well a company can be advertising itself, it will not be able to replace a good recommendation from your friend.  When a friend or a family member has hired the best caterer for their wedding, then this is the right person to consider for your big event.  While looking for recommendations, you should also keep in mind bad reviews given for some caterers and keep away from them.

Test them out: caterers that serve food for large events have to offer tasting for the food they cook if they want to get a large contract. You have to keep in your mind that the tasting is going to include some of the best products that the caterers are able to produce. You should keep in mind that there is normally a difference in how food for two is prepared compared to food that it is prepared for 500 people.

Learn about the specialty of a caterer: There are some caterers who specialize in large events and they have the expertise and the equipment to handle guests. Some specialize in catering for food allergies. There are other caterers who are only able tocaterfor a small number of guests like cocktail parties and intimate events.  When caterers say that they can cater for anything, it is possible that they will not deliver what you are looking for.

Decide on the services you will need from a caterer. Some caterers may only deliver the food to you while others can do the set up. Others may offer fully trained staff who will wait on your guests and offer support. In case you are having a formal event that requires plated service, it will be better to deal with a company that it is large enough to handle all of your needs.  You have to be able to ask a caterer if their staff are employees or if they hire them on temporary basis for a certain job.  If the company says that they hire temporary staff, it generally means that they do not deal with large events on a regular basis. This may or may not be a bad thing, just something for you to consider depending on what type of event you are having.

If you are giving the job to a certain company to run your event, then it is good to ask for references and to make sure that you contact these references.  You should not only ask for their names but you should get the name of the most recent clients.

Talk about the food: if you have a party, some caterers may prepare the food from frozen products. Fresh food has to be given a priority to make sure that the food is going to taste great. Always insist that your gourmetfood is cooked with fresh food and not frozen food. You can test this out by sampling a few dishes during the tasting event.


Confirm with a local health department: many companies are subjected to the regulation by the local health department and there may be a record of any issues, complaints or inspections that were done before. This information is available for the public and if the company that you want to hire has many complaints and violations, it may be better to look somewhere else.

Get an estimate: many people will get the quote first before looking for anything else about a company. If you are cooking for a wedding, the food can take up to 50 percent of the entire budget, but always remember that you get what you pay for. When the caterer agrees to drop the price, it may mean that they will also drop the quality with it.

Sign a contract: you should never hire the contractor if you do not have a contract in place. This protects you when the caterer refuses to do everything as you have agreed with him.  Read the contract well before you sign it.


Get started by finding a local catering company near you to have the event of your dreams!