Almost every girl dreams about a perfect wedding dress since her childhood. Almost every girl wants to feel like a princess once in a life. And beside the prince, nothing can make you feel like a princess, like the perfect wedding dress can.


So here are some tips how to find a perfect wedding dress!


Before choosing a wedding dress, you need to be certain what kind of wedding you want. You will not choose the same wedding dress for a beach wedding or elegant wedding in the restaurant. It happens often that the brides choose a dress and later on realise that it is not suitable for the wedding ceremony. Another detail that you need to keep in your mind is the season of the wedding, for the obvious reasons. 

After you know these details, do your research. Use internet to get a feeling what type of dress you like in general and what you wouldn’t dress at all. Of course, you will know these things when you see the dress in a store, but being prepared like this will save you some time, because you will have a general idea.


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It is not very romantic to think about the money, but you need to know from the start what kind of dress you can afford. Being practical and aware of your realistic budget might save you from spending a small fortune on a dress, without taking care of other aspects of your wedding.

None of us is perfect, and it is great! However, you need to be aware of your body type and its virtues and flaws. Not every dress will look great on every body. So be ready to say goodbye to some beautiful dresses in order to find the one that will be perfect for you.


Take your best friend or sister with you to bridal shops. Instead of being stressed out, make this a memorable experience and have fun. Bridal shops, like Riki Dalal from London, have experienced consultants that will, based on your instructions, help you find what you are looking for. Listen to other peoples opinion, but always choose the dress that feels the right for you, not for the others.

And once again, you need to be practical, test how comfortable your dress is by moving in it. After all, you need to be a whole day in it!

Finding the right dress should feel like finding the right person, don’t go for anything that doesn’t give you ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling.


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