As a soon-to-be-wedded fiancé, it could be hard to find a gift for your groom that is at once special, meaningful, and useful. Cufflinks are a great option for groom’s gifts. This is because they come in an almost infinite number of designs, and he’ll need a pair anyway if your wedding has a formal dress code (which most weddings are). Formal dress dictates that men don dress shirts with French cuffs, which do not have buttonholes on their cuffs and have to be secured together with cufflinks. In this article, we put together a couple of our favorite cufflink designs to start you off!


1.      Personalized Cufflinks

Nothing is more unique or sincere than a personalized gift. You can personalize blank cufflinks by having them laser engraved with his name or a special message. There are also customized alphabet cufflinks that you can pair up to represent his initials. Otherwise, custom photo cufflinks allow you to insert as special memory of you and the groom.


2.      Couple Cufflinks


To commemorate this milestone in your relationship, a couple-themed cufflinks would be a great idea. Apart from being novel and cute, they are a mark of ownership when he wears them to work.


3.      Gold Cufflink

Gold jewellery is usually worn in the most formal of occasions. It is not a bad idea to gift him a pair of gold cufflinks for wear on your special day, as the wedding couple are usually dressed in black tie or even white tie codes of formality.


4.      Watch Movement Cufflinks

Most men love mechanical parts. These intricate cufflinks have real watch movement mechanisms that move when wound. They will be an interesting addition to his wedding tuxedo, and will be extremely suitable for office wear as well.


5.      Leather Cufflinks


Leather – especially full-grain leather – is notorious for its durability. Apart from lasting a lifetime, they are classy and present an interesting deviation from the traditional metal or fabric based cufflinks. It is a very versatile material that can have different patterns embossed, such as his initials.