Modern brides use modern technology. That includes making posts on their social media accounts about their big day. For those that are planning a wedding, social media is a great place to find tips, tricks and inspiration. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are just some of the places where you can get ideas on how to make your wedding day extra special.

Still, the use of social media is relatively new, and many people have questions about how to do it the right way. This article includes frequently asked questions regarding the use of social media in planning a wedding. With the help of this information, you can throw the wedding of your dreams!


1. Is there anything I should steer clear of when it comes to social media and wedding planning?

 Regardless of how involved you are with online planning, do not put a hashtag on your actual wedding invitation. This is a piece of paper that will be looked at for years to come. Therefore, only the most important details of your big day need to be on that invitation. In addition, there will be some members of your guest list that simply don't interact on social media. Do not make a post including anyone from your wedding unless you talk to them and get permission ahead of time.


 2. What is the best way to inform others about my wedding hashtag and website?

If you want your guests to log on and see what you are up to, use your wedding stationary to help. If you send out a "Save the Date" note, make sure to include your website as well. In addition, when you send out your invitations, put in an extra card that gives information on your website and any relevant social media pages. This is a great place to note your hashtags as well.

If you are unsure how to do this, simply look up a few examples online. Many modern brides now include this touch, so it is not as uncommon as some might think.


3. How to I handle my name change on social media?

First, do not get rid of the user name or handle that you had prior to your marriage. If you simply get rid of your account, anything that you were previously tagged in will not transfer over. You will lose your pictures and your friend list as well. Therefore, in order keep your years of memories, it is important to maintain the same account. This can be done through the Instagram app but if you don’t have the app at hand you can do it via a service such as Vibbi.


4. How do I incorporate GeoTags?

There are a number of advantages to making the location of your wedding known! Incorporate Geotags on Instagram; when you do this, you open up the possibility that future brides will question you about your venue. In addition, your guests can put up a Geotag when they get to their hotel. Someone on your guest list can log on to Instagram and see who their neighbors are for the night!


5. Is there a way to get businesses to showcase my pictures?

Many businesses that are involved with weddings like to showcase pictures from brides. If you post a picture on Instagram, add a hashtag with the business name on it. Members of their staff can then locate the picture and post it if they would like.