There are many advantages for hiring a photo booth company for events in general & for weddings in particular.

In the past people used to hire only photographers, however that would come with it’s shortcomings. A photographer is only able to take a limited number of pictures at a time and due to the nature of different settings they have to stop all the time & adjust their camera’s setting according to the new scene with the new lighting. Also photographers have no time to review photos at the scene, that’s why they tend to take so many photos in the hope some of them would look nice when they start post editing the photos. Most of the times 1 photographer would not be enough for an event therefore the bride & the groom would have to pay for a second photographer as a backup in order to be able to get pictures of everyone. There is usually no instant prints when you hire a photographer, the bride & the groom as well as the guests would have to wait weeks after the wedding to be able to see the photos, go through them & then pick the ones they like for printing, all of this takes a long time & not to mention the additional costs of mailing photos to each & every guest.

When you hire a photo booth Ottawa, people get their prints on the spot. Guests can see themselves on a love preview screen so they know exactly how the picture is going to look like before even the picture is taken & as a nice bonus, Photo booth Toronto customizes the prints & puts the names of the bride & the groom on each print as well as the wedding date which makes them a great souvenir for every guest to take home with them. 



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