A friend of mine who was recently engaged in New York was telling me about her experience in trying to choose the ideal wedding registry. She wanted to be a realist and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity of being a bride, but was concerned that she might look greedy if she registered in too many stores. She and her fiancé were going to be moving out of their small city apartment, and moving into a house for the first time, and as such, unlike most New York brides, they needed a lot of stuff.


She wanted to register at 4 retail stores and at Amazon. The completion discounts were her key motive, and she careful chose stores that had a different selection of the things that she needed. OK, but here was the clever part. Once she was finished, she went to MyRegistry.com. They have an amazing interface where you just click on the logos of all the stores that you have registries with. MyRegistry imports all your lists and then everything sits on one gift list. 


As we were looking at her registry together, I noticed that there were some items that came from Home Depot and a cool rug from Etsy. Home Depot does not have a wedding registry so I asked her how she did this. These items, she explained, were added with the MyRegistry browser button. You click, drag and drop the button on your browser and then you can add other things from stores that don’t have a registry. She said it is easy, like using Pinterest, and it works on any website.

So, my take way from all of this is, that you do not need to worry about registering at too many stores, if you can easily put them all the registries on one gift list on MyRegistry.com.  On top of that, with these stories about how millennials don’t need things, well, there certainly are plenty of brides out there that do. Getting married is a once in a life time opportunity to get completion discounts, free gifts and lots of other benefits from the stores, so take advantage of them. Don’t worry about it looking like you went overboard, because if you are only sending out one registry link, it looks simple and organized for your wedding guests. You really can get your cake and eat it too.