The excitement about the proposal passed, the date is set and now a lot of work and planning is ahead. The dress, the cake, the wedding venue, the music… Each detail needs to be planned and to be unique. But what is the first thing the guests will see? The wedding venue and the decorations around it! Of course, the wedding is about the ceremony, but the most memorable part and all the fun starts at the reception. 


So, we are bringing you some ideas how to decorate your banquet hall and to make it more personal.

Flowers, flowers, flowers… Flowers are giving romantic and elegant touch to any hall, but also can give a personal note to the place. You can choose your favourite flowers, or some that have special meaning for your relationship (like the first flower your partner gave you). When you think about flowers, you imagine them at the table. Nice, but predictable. How about hanging arrangements a few feet above your guests plates? 


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OK, we think that marriages, same as weddings should be fun! And what can be more fun to fill the hall than numerous colorful balloons? Everyone will love it, kids especially.

If you think balloons are too extravagant, you can have a more romantic touch with paper lanterns in discrete colours.


Sometimes, wedding halls can look too cold and impersonal. A little bit of fabric can do miracles! Choose white, or subtle yellow fabric or even lace draping for the ceiling or the walls! The room will feel warmer instantly.


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Choose one corner of the hall to tell a story! You can arrange it with photographs of you and your better half throughout different phases of life and relationship, or you can choose old wedding photos from your family. It is cool way to celebrate the marriage, not only yours!


Wedding venue decoration do not need to blow up your budget! Some of the decorations you can make on your own, some you can borrow. Pick the theme and follow it in every details, from draperies to cake holders. Take care not to overdo with amunt of decorations and colours. And pick a theme that means something to you and your fiance, because  only then you will know in every moment of the planning what decision to make.  Just remember to stay true to yourself because this is your wedding! And enjoy at your wedding!




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