Weddings are extremely expensive in most cases. This is just one reason why, if you are going to spend a fortune making sure it's the best day it could possibly be, you should be absolutely sure that you are marrying the right person before you commit to that expense. 


With that said here are 4 ways that you can be sure you're set to marry the right person!


Sign #1: You and your partner rarely argue


In the early stages of a relationship, if a couple argues a lot they can often survive it because of the newness of the relationship - the "honeymoon period". That carries them through if they tend to have moments exchanging fire with fire, but when the relationship goes beyond the first year, those regular arguments can start to wear down the attraction between the couple. This is when a break up can become possible, and since you do not want to be going through the process of figuring out how you can get your ex back, it is better to have a partner who you don't argue too much with, because as I mentioned, couples that do that usually have problems in the long term. 


Bottom line, if you and your partner are able to resolve issues calmly and without any anger or conflict, then you probably have found a keeper who it is okay to plan a wedding with! 



Sign #2: You have multiple inside jokes between you


A large amount of the fuel that keeps a relationship strong in the long term, is the vibe between you and your partner. Do you have inside jokes that only you and them really know about? And do you have a lot of laughs together? This sort of thing is the bread and butter of a relationship. It's what keeps you interested in being around one another day to day, which of course is a really important component in any marriage. 


Couples who have just had their wedding typically experience a second honeymoon period, and of course the actual honeymoon comes at this point too, but it is usually later on in the marriage where the rapport between you and your partner will become really important in terms of keeping the relationship strong, because before that, the raw attraction and desire between you can be enough even if the rapport isn't so good. 


Sign #3: The trust between you has never been broken


If the trust in your relationship has ever been broken in a big way, such as if one of you has cheated, then planning a wedding with that person might not be the best idea. Because if they broke your trust before, then what is to stop them doing that again? You shouldn't let your love for them cloud your judgement, not when the stakes and expenses on a wedding would be this high. 


To the contrary, if it has been a while since you got together with your partner and the trust has never been broken, or has only been broken in small ways on the odd occasion here and there, then you have probably found someone who is worthy of getting married to you and having the wedding of both of your dreams at the same time!


Sign #4: Your partner regularly finds time for you 


There is no point in marrying someone if they never seem to have or make time for you. You cannot sustain your feelings for them if they are always too busy to spend any time with you. And if tey are like that now, what makes you think that would change if you married them? It wouldn't, and if you are in this situation then you might not have found the right person to arrange a wedding with. 


However if you and the love of your life spend evenings and weekends with one another quite often, and usually have fun together in the process, then maybe you should book that wedding and take the relationship to the next level!






I wrote this article to encourage people who's relationships are strong, and have been that way for some time, to push in the right direction and book their wedding. I also wrote it to prevent people who are not right for each other, from getting married. Hopefully this will lead to less divorces and more fulfilling relationships!