Without thinking, name something you can buy that costs between $50 and $1,000,000 depending on which options you choose. The only thing I can think of that fits that strange description is a wedding ceremony. Budgets can range from “single night out” to “small family car” to “entire mansion” depending on how deep the family pockets are.

Usually when you talk about wedding budgets, it’s thinking about ways to cut costs. And there are plenty of opportunities for reducing the wedding budget, but there are also places where adding a little extra can give you a lot of bang for the buck So for this post, rather than talk about ways to save money or cut corners on the budget, let’s look at it from the other side. Here are five wedding items that are worth spending a little extra money on, regardless of budget.


Your wedding flowers will wither and dry out. Your dress will go in a plastic bag and not get looked at for years. The rental tuxes will go back to the rental place. In the end, your wedding pictures will be the most powerful memento of the day. Great pictures will be able to bring those memories flooding back, and you’ll be proud to show them to your family (including those future kids and grandkids). It’s worth paying a little extra to get a photographer who really knows her stuff.

The Bar

We’ve been to plenty of wonderful weddings with a cash bar, so we’re not about to knock the practice entirely. That said, it’s always wonderful to encounter an open bar at a wedding. It really contributes to the party atmosphere to not have to make a financial transaction for every drink. If you can’t swing a wide-open bar, opt for the less pricey beer-and-wine open bar. Or at least have a huge punch bowl full of spiked punch.

Band or DJ

Yes, you definitely can just hook up your MP3 player to the venue’s sound system and crank out your own tunes. And it’ll be fine. Your friends will dance and everyone will have a good time. But a good DJ can really get the crowd going, and a good band has an energy that can’t be matched. It may be worth adding a little extra to the budget to keep the dance floor full.


Image source: www.weddingdaysparklers.com


Wedding Favors

Chances are that you’ve already thought of certain items to give your guests as wedding favors, but adding more fuel to that fire can make a huge impact on how much fun your guests have. Anyone can give their guests a silly trinket like a customized bottle opener, but giving your guests something they can enjoy during the ceremony or reception is even better. Consider buying some wedding sparklers or even something as simple as bubbles to give to your guests so they can be part of the celebration rather than just witness it. My personal favorite is sparklers because they really make a statement in your wedding photos. The best size to get is 36” wedding sparklers even though they are the most expensive choice. But, if you are going to have sparklers at your wedding, it’s certainly worth it to splurge on the big ones.

Photo Booth

If you add one little extra to your reception, we recommend a photo booth. Sure, it may be trendy, but for good reason: guests have a blast taking pictures throughout the reception, and they produce a memento guests can take home with them. It’s a surefire way to add a lot of fun for just a little extra money.


There are plenty of opportunities to save money while planning a wedding. But there are also a few places where a little extra expense can make a big difference. Any of the above options will brighten your wedding day and are well worth fitting into your budget.