We are all in constant search for that perfect job, perfect apartment, perfect relationship, perfect figure… and if we manage to get at least one of them, we consider ourselves lucky. Rare are those who get two or three out of many and when they do – now there’s a real reason for celebration!

If you’ve been one of the lucky ones to find your soul mate, and you’ve both decided wedding vows are the only way to go about this love, it’s time to start with all the preparations for your big day!

We’re giving you a few easy tips on how to throw a perfect wedding and live out your fairytale.

Think of a theme


Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t have to go all white on your wedding to make it wonderful. Recent years have brought an unexpected twist in wedding-planning, with brides finally challenging their inner edge and opting for themes that are unusual, daring and exceptional. Before you put any money down, think of the theme you would love your wedding to be directed at and embrace it.



Manipulate your budget


Sure, you’d be the happiest if you could not care about the amount of money you can spend for your big day, but the thing is – not many of us are blessed with such luxury. However, even with a limited budget, you can achieve much as long as you plan everything out properly. It’s important not to get carried away and explore options you know you can fit into your existing financial plan.



Pick a venue


Now that you’ve got your budget set and the theme picked out, it’s time you opt for a venue. Depending on the season of your wedding, you should choose something that agrees with the number of people you’ll be inviting as well as the theme you’re going for. For instance, if you are going for a summer wedding, you can book a venue close to the river/beach so that everyone can enjoy you exchanging wedding vows while glancing at the gorgeous blue water. If you are going for something boho or rustic, renting out a barn, setting up tents in the nearby field or woods, or even organizing a reception in the local park where you and your significant other had met is a wonderful idea. In case you’re opting for a public venue (i.e. park) you need to check the price, permits and other issues with local authorities.



Invest in good visual


Even though we all swear we’ll forever remember some moments important to us, truth is – memories (unfortunately) fade. This is why we suggest you rely on pics and videos to record your big day. You can hire a professional photographer that will snap all the beautiful moments of your wedding day and invest into high quality wedding videography because, after all, you’ll want to replay it for your anniversaries or other occasions. To make things even more fun, you can set up a photobooth and snap some super fun analogue moments!


Hire a wedding planner


This one, right here, is a perfect investment, especially if you’re overwhelmed with work and can’t organize everything by yourself. You’ve already got all the ideas lined you just need someone who will make them a reality. Additionally, an experienced planner will know what’s possible and what not, so you’ll have a clear image of how things are.

We hope you’ll enjoy your wedding day and celebrate your love like you should – with a lot of laughter, dancing, hugs and wonderful presents!