For a couple, deciding to put their relationship to the next level is serious business. And when they do start thinking about their matrimonial union, they absolutely want everything to be perfect and ideal; a dream wedding that tells the story of their love.

Planning a wedding is no easy task because it entails a lot of critical choices that could make or break the momentous occasion. Both the groom and the bride have to take part and agree on everything, and this is the most challenging part because not in all cases do both parties agree on every single detail.

Even about-to-weds have attended a few weddings here and there and surely they notice some flaws which put the entire wedding on the verge of turning into a huge disaster. Of course, they wouldn’t want these things to happen on their own wedding day.

Here are some of the most common blunders that should be avoided when planning for that special moment when couples finally say “I Do”:

1.   Most couples are thinking that they could save up on the budget when they decide to do some DIYs. However, DIY cakes are a bit of a risk to do. There may be some ingredients that can be missed or the proportions are not carefully measured; and worse, the tiers of the wedding cake is somewhat tilted. This may seem simple to some, but it could turn a perfect wedding day into a disaster. The guests will surely notice this and they will definitely say something you would never want to hear. The best solution is to have the professionals handle the baking.


2.  Most couples are excited to announce the date and time of their wedding especially to family, close friends, and relatives which is why they have to create wedding websites to make the announcements and send online invitations. Most of the time they just think about having their wedding day on a date that is also very special like a favorite grandmother’s birthday or the day when the couple first met. This is definitely a great idea, however, the bride and the groom must always check the weather conditions because there might be a storm coming. Checking the season and the weather is definitely essential especially when it is a destination wedding. In this case, having a wedding website will be very useful because of the fact that you can always send the guests updates as to the date and venue changes.


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3.   Most people have the misconception that hiring wedding planners to help them set up their special day is extravagant. Well, their services are quite costly, but reasonable because of the challenging roles and tasks they have to accomplish. They see you through every single and smallest detail so that the wedding would not turn into a nightmare. The fact that couples have much to do during preparations, wouldn’t it be great if they have quality time to spend with some pampering and relaxation? They definitely would hate to look like they’ve been through WWII on their wedding day. So, the best thing to do is hire a wedding planner.

4.   The engagement photos are essential because they can also be used to make online invitations. And wedding photos are also very important because they are the only tangible things that could help the couple recall and reminisce all those great memories on their wedding day. All the genuine emotions captured can very well bring the couple back to the day when they tearfully exchanged vows. Choosing a family member or a friend who is not a professional wedding photographer to save up on the budget will definitely ruin everything and the couple would just end up with a wedding album that they would not be proud to show their friends. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is still the best option for the most incredible and amazing wedding photos.



These are only some of the whats and what-nots when planning for the most anticipated dream wedding. Don’t let your wedding turn into a complete catastrophe and make it the perfect wedding that you have always dreamed it to be.