Looking for an affordable way to transform your wedding party into something magical? Prepare sparklers! People (not only kids) just love sparklers, because they add a special touch and are memorable, especially when used at night.

When you decide to use sparklers at your wedding, you should take care of some details. First of all, make sure sparklers are allowed at the venue. At some venues you will be allowed to use them inside, but in some only at the outside, which can also be a lot of fun. Also, you should advise all the guests about preventive measurements when using sparklers. Don't forget to provide them with the matches, but also the safe place to turn off the sparklers.




Image source: www.sparklers.co.uk

There are numerous points at your wedding to light up the sparklers. First, when you and your better half are entering the venue or when you have your first kiss at the wedding. Combined with some great music, this moment will be memorable for your guests. Also, a good idea is to use sparklers on the dance floor. Or why not give an extra decoration to your wedding cake? Just inform your baker that you plan to put sparkler on the cake, so they can decorate cake in line with that plan. For a finale of the night, your guests can hold sparklers and cheer as you depart from the venue and why not combine fireworks, as well.

For an extra fun, you can use personalised sparklers tags, with some romantic quotes or fun quotes about marriage.

Wedding photography with lit sparklers is just wonderful, but make sure to inform your photographer in advance about your plans so he/she can bring all the necessary equipment and do all the preparations.