You have heard the saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The same applies to your wedding guests’ hearts as well. All the details at the wedding may be perfect, but if the guests are not happy with the food, the overall impression will not be so good. That is the reason why choosing your wedding caterer is such an important step in your wedding planning.


The first thing that you need to do is to search for the reviews. Look for the ratings on line, but also for the recommendations from your friends and acquaintances. References can tell you more than just looking at the menu. When you are searching for it, take care that the reference had the similar number of wedding guests and menu style like you plan. The usual recommendation is to start looking for the caterer at least nine months before the wedding.


When you appoint the meeting with the short listed caterers, you need to know your food budget. Most of the caterers will be able to provide a package that suits your needs. Check what is and what is not included in the price, as this varies. Check if VAT is included, do they provide tableware and linens, do they have their own waiters, is the wedding cake included in the price…

Enjoy in the tastings! During the tastings you will get to know the quality, style and appearance of the food. This is the perfect opportunity to see if the caterer understand your expectations and if you can work together.

Double check if they can provide you with special menus, such as vegetarian or vegan menus, meals for the guests with allergies or children’s menus. Because you want all of your guests to love the food!


The best caterers are in the demand, so be sure to book early, not to end up with your second or third choice.



When you find a perfect caterer, collaborate with him/her. Not only that they will provide you with the food on your wedding day, but they can also help you to organize the rest of the details. Matt Black from the Wedding Catering in Sydney says that they are happy to help their clients with a choice of a wedding venue location, but also they can provide a detailed list for sourcing video contact, wedding consultants, wedding planners, florists, beverage suppliers. 


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Simply said, when you find your perfect caterer, you have found your perfect ally.