What happens after “They lived happily ever after..” ? Many couples who decide to spend their lives together fail to make it last forever. It is a sad true in the modern world. That is the reason why many couples ask “What is the secret to a lasting marriage?” . The answer is simple. Simple, but not easy.


Relationships require work and marriage is not a romantic fairytale. The secret is in paying attention to your partners interests and thoughts. Listening to what they need to say, but also sharing your thoughts with them. Giving and receiving love and attention. Never take your partner for granted.


Try to find an interest, passion that you will share. It will make you even closer and you will also look at each other from a new perspective.


Don’t forget important dates. Because it is not about the gift, it is about showing that you care for your partner and your relationship. There is this great website that help you to remember important dates and to make them perfect.


There is a recent study that found  that a happy marriage requires daily doses of generosity and kindness and not only on special occasions. So be kind, be kind when you are tired, nervous, always.


You have found your soul mate and it is not so easy today. So don’t lose it easily.