More and more couples are choosing to get married in the winter months when the venues and the overall cost of a wedding can be much cheaper than during the summer months. Winter weddings also allow for unique photo opportunities, especially in regions that see a lot of snowfall, but how do couples choose the right winter wedding venue for them?

Many winter weddings are themed similarly inside with displays of blue and white, hanging crystal and sometimes even snowflakes worked into the decor, but one of the most important things to remember is the feeling you want to give your guests. When everyone thinks of a snowy day, they may envision themselves sitting in front of a roaring fire sipping a mug of hot cocoa in their comfiest pajamas. While you won't be able to provide the comfy clothing, you can make your guests feel warm and welcome in the right wedding venue.


If the venue has too much glass, it may lose heat quickly and people sitting by the windows may become chilled. Instead, look for a venue with little or no windows. You can warm up any venue by bringing in the flickering light of candles, and they don't even have to be real if your venue doesn't allow it. The soft, yellow glow that the candles emit will immediately remind guests of a fire. Some venues even have ornate gas fireplaces that can be used during your wedding or reception.


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Another thing worth noting is that you should always consider the types of activities you want at your wedding and make sure the venue has a practical location for them. For instance, many couples want to have a send-off line where their guests hold wedding sparklers as you make your exit at the end of the night. Since its too cold outdoors during the winter for this activity, you’ll need to make sure your wedding venue has an area with ample space and ventilation to do this indoors or else you’ll probably want to scratch that idea from your wedding program.


If you want to walk on the more unique side of things, look into booking a hall in a science center, a museum, or an aquarium. These places tend to be cheaper in the winter months and it isn't a far stretch to think warm thoughts when surrounded by colorful tropical fish.