The wedding day can be really long. Ceremony, church, party... It is hard to keep the guests in the right mood all the time, especially if your wedding organization is just a copy of many others. But, being unique and have the „wow effect“ is not easy. So, how to be special and certain that your guests are having a wonderful time?


First of all, you have to give a personal touch to your big day preparation. Think of all the details that represent your both personalities and you as a couple. Make your wedding day the tour through the magic of your relationship. After all, this is your day!


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Sometimes the trickiest part is to get a party started, later everything is easy. For the right start, why not amaze your guests with a solo or a group fire show spiced up with some pyrotechnic effects? Fire dancers forming the human fireworks, fire eaters, high-tech multi-coloured glow performance, jugglers, palm readers are just some of the ideas that can be organized with the help of the right people. We can guarantee that your party will be something people will talk about for months! Experts for entertainment from bring you the show that suit your needs and the performance area available.


Also, there are some ideas for entertainment that you can organize by yourself- scavenger hunt, flash mob or quizzes. Just let your imagination free!