Shopping around for wedding marquee hire in South London is not the kind of job anybody is likely to go about lightly. In a sense, to decide that the wedding (or its reception) will take place in a marquee is to add something of another responsibility and matter of importance to an already intensive planning process. After all, not only are you looking at organising what takes place in the event, you’re also playing a key role in booking and assembling the physical building itself!

The good news however is that to work with an experienced, professional and reputable marquee hire firm is to effectively take the vast majority of the responsibility and place it on someone else’s shoulders. Quality brands and businesses offer the kinds of all-inclusive service packages that can make things incredibly easy and indeed enjoyable – it’s just a case of ensuring you work with the right provider in the first place.

It may seem like things are complicated by the endless choices out there, but in reality, choosing the very best wedding marquee hire firm is as simple as ticking the following five important boxes:

1 – First Impressions

First of all, it’s of absolutely critical importance that you go with your gut when it comes to first impressions.  The simple fact of the matter is that if the provider in question is not able to operate and manage a website that wins your total confidence in an instant, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the way they run their business. Those working in the wedding industry in any capacity have the unique obligation and commitment to flawlessness that should be apparent from the word go.  If it isn’t, try somewhere else.

2 – Abundant Experience

 There’s very little that matters more when it comes to the competencies of a marquee hire company than experience.  And not just experience, but experience that’s relevant. The reason being that while one marquee company may have spent several decades planning and putting on the most fantastic corporate events or concerts, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a clue how to organise a marquee wedding.  There are so many important differences between weddings and pretty much every other type of event in the world, which is why plenty of experience in weddings in particular should be considered mandatory.


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3 – Flexibility

While it’s highly unlikely that important details like the date of the wedding and its location will change after the booking is made, there’s always the chance that minor details may have to be amended.  Things like guest numbers, event’s start and finish times, catering requirements and so on – these are all the kinds of things that usually have to be tweaked somewhere along the way. As such, it simply makes sense to work with an event marquee provider who is willing to offer at least a moderate amount of flexibility, in order to ensure that things are not needlessly complicated further down the line.

4 – A Winning Reputation

It’s safe to say that in this industry in particular, reputation counts for a lot.  This is because when it comes to organising and putting on fantastic wedding parties, flawlessness is the only acceptable standard.  With no opportunity for a second attempt and absolutely no margin for error whatsoever, those running these kinds of businesses need to know what true perfection means. Suffice to say therefore, word of mouth counts for a lot as it is only by looking into the feedback and recommendations of other people that it becomes possible to gain an insight into how they function when put to the test.  Or in other words, rather than simply taking their word for it, see what their past clients and customers have to say.

5 – Extensive Evidence


Last but not least, and still on the subject of evidence, they should be able to provide an abundance of the stuff when it comes to documentation of the events and parties they have taken care of in the past. From photos to videos to case studies and so on, it’s once again a simple case of having them conclusively prove what they’re capable of, rather than just expecting you to take it all at face value. Try to remember that there is a big difference between stock imagery/studio imagery and the kinds of real-life photographs and videos shot during actual wedding receptions. Suffice to say, it’s the latter you need to be on the lookout for.