Wedding favors are something every couple thinks about and agonizes over. If you are on a budget, it may be hard to find some low cost wedding favors that won't find their way into a guests trash bin in a couple months. You can find little knick-knacks from many wedding supply stores online that boast favors for less than a dollar each, which is a great price point. However, those are the knick-knacks that usually do not stay around for long. Here are a couple ideas that are not only affordable, but something your guests will love.



Getting supplies from a craft store usually isn't very expensive and melting down small chocolate wafers and pouring it into molds and adding a stick doesn't take up a lot of your time. There are many different wedding themed chocolate molds to choose from, as well as different colored chocolate to get your imagination running. This sweet treat is sure to be loved by your guests.



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Jams and Jellies 

Whether you make your own preserves or buy them in bulk from a local seller, jams and jellies are a low cost way to say thanks and fit in well at a rustic wedding. Simply adding your names and wedding date to a small tag on the jar makes for a great wedding favor.




One of the coolest things you can do is to make your wedding favors part of the celebration and one of the lowest cost ways to do this is by offering your guests sparklers. You don’t want just any sparklers, however; you want to make sure you are using wedding sparklers to ensure everything goes smoothly. Wedding sparklers are smokeless so they can be used indoors, and they also come packaged more elegantly than other types. Your guests will love their sparklers, and they are very inexpensive when you purchase them in bulk online.

Hand Soaps 

Available for as low as one dollar each from online sellers, hand soaps that can be used in a guest’s bathroom or when they travel are a unique idea. Often times, sellers will allow you to choose everything from the scent, design and color of the soap and they each come individually packaged with your wedding date and names on it.

Practical favors never have to be expensive as long as you are shopping smart. DIY favors are a great way to save some money and make your guests feel special.