When you think of the flowers in your wedding bouquet, you want something that fits with your wedding dress, decorations or entire wedding style. But maybe you would also like to send a message with flower meaning. In Victorian times, certain flowers had specific meaning, so people, but mostly lovers, used them to communicate even when social rules prohibited them to speak freely. Right choice of flowers, but even the way in which the flowers were handed, could send the message and determine the future of the relationship. 

Here is the short guide for you!




Calla lily – Magnificent beauty





Carnation - Pure love


Red carnation - Deep love, passion





Daffodil- New beginnings





Dahlia- Dignity and elegance





Daisy- Innocence






Gardenia- Secret love, joy





Hydrangea – Frigidness, heartlessness, but also gratitude for being understood






Iris – Inspiration, good news






Ivy- Fidelity






Lavender- Devotion, but also distrust







Lilac- First love






White lily- Purity


Orange lily- Passion





Lily of the valley – Sweetness, returning happiness, trust






Mimosa- Secret love






Orange blossom- Fertility





Orchid- Delicate beauty







Peach blossom- Long life and bridal hope






Rose – Love


Yellow rose- Jealousy, broken heart






Tulip- Declaration of love


Which flowers you plan to use in your wedding bouquet and why? Tell us in the comments!