I remember preparing for my wedding and the struggle I had trying to choose my magical dress, I wanted something that would wow everyone on my big day. My husband to be didn't understand how important it was to me but I think it is fair to say that walking down the aisle in the right dress is a moment that most women have dreamed of since they were a little girl, most women already have a good idea of how they will look too, they have the dress of their dreams already imprinted in their minds. In this post I am going to share with you my experience of dress shopping, some of the post will is going to include things I learned later but wish I had know at the time.

When choosing the perfect dress, some ladies find that the plans they have had since they were a little girl are not a reality and they choose a complete opposite style! Your dress has to be unforgettable and have the WOW factor the moment you walk into the room. Most importantly, you have to ensure that you feel beautiful when you are wearing the dress - it’s your day and all eyes are going to be on you!

Take Friends

When it’s time to go dress shopping – don’t go alone! Always take a female family member or close friends
with you, take those who will be honest about your choice of dresses. The future mothering law often makes a good candidate for this task, mine did anyway. I took my own mother the first time she was more interested in finding a mother of the bride outfit for herself.

Take a pair of heels with you – ideally of the height you will be wearing on the day of the wedding, this will give you an indication of how the dress will hang and where the hemline will be.

Take a notebook and a camera, get your friends to take pictures of you wearing the dresses and take notes on each dress, it can be overwhelming to choose in the shop. Taking photos will give you time out with your family member or close friends, you can all go for a coffee discuss the pros and cons of each dress. Taking a photo will also give you an indication of what you will look like in the wedding photos.




Image source: greenweddingshoes.com 



Don’t wear too much make–up

If possible wear no make-up, wearing none or as little make-up as possible ensures that you don’t leave any marks on the dresses when you're trying them on!

It is essential to choose a dress that will flatter your body shape, and ensure that you can move freely – remember that all important first dance!

Lastly, enjoy - it’s going to be one of your biggest life decisions and I expect it's the only one you have been planning since you were a little girl! It may result in visits to a vast number of shops and trying on hundreds of dresses, but you will know you have finally found the right dress for you as soon as you put it on.