Everybody wants to have a perfect wedding, relaxed and with no worries about details, with warm and sunny weather. Simply said, a wedding in heaven. But there are places on Earth that can be called heaven on Earth. Some of these places are resorts in exotic locations around the globe. And many couples decide to say their special 'yes' there.

Whether you choose to elope there with your loved one, or organize a venue for guests, these exotic weddings are memorable for numerous reasons. Exotic beaches and nature are a real treat for a soul, you get a chance to meet a different culture and tradition and you are absolutely spoiled by attention of staff. What is certain is that you will recover from all the stress in your life, and start a new life with your partner fresh.

Maldivi, Seychelles, Mauritius... Options are numerous. But the absolute hit is Fiji, famous for its blue lagoons and palm-lined beaches, and many islands like  Turtle Island. There you can marry wearing traditional Fijian clothes and participate in a Kava ceremony, a beautiful ancient tradition in honour of the bride and groom. All this followed with Fijian choir. Well, that is a story you can tell to your children and grandchildren one day! 



What place would you choose for your exotic wedding? Tell us in the comments!