Wedding are all about transformation, and not just the transformation you and your partner are taking through becoming a married couple. Marriage unites and transforms the relationships of those around you. Weddings are also a day in which to celebrate those transformations. Hence, why not transform your wedding day itself into something that truly reflects those life changing transformations? And, here’s how, in 5 easy steps.

1. Personalise Your Wedding Vows


Transform vows into something truly personal to you and your partner. Whilst personalised wedding vows or writing your own is no new idea, it is a sure-fire way to ensure no other couple will ever speak the words you and your partner pledge to each other. In that regard, personalised wedding vows transform your pledge to your soon-to-be-spouse into a personal promise to the person you love.


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2. Think Facilities

People will smile through almost any disaster on a wedding day, but when it comes to facilities they needn’t. One means of instantly transforming your outdoor or otherwise uncatered for (in the bathroom department) reception or evening do is to forego the dreaded portable toilets and instead invest in hireable restrooms.

The fact is, toilets are a necessity, but ask any bridesmaid or mother in law and you will know that so are restrooms – with mirrors and hand basins and lovely products and a place to chat and gush and reapply that mascara. Thankfully, companies like Event Washrooms have this covered, providing wedding reception and after party venues with luxury hireable washroom facilities – because this is one aspect of your big day you do not want to get wrong.

3. Light Up Your Reception

Most of us would-be-weds are all too familiar with fairy lights, but to transform a venue, why not consider having lit up lettering? Yours and your partner’s own initials, for instance, can really add a special touch to a reception.  Alternatively, 3 foot high lit up sentiments such as ‘love’ can make for a really transformative means of welcoming guests to a venue, especially in the evening. Simply check out the likes of the aptly named, Light It Up UK to see for yourself what can be achieved with light up letters.

4. Create Stations

This is simply one of those wedding reception transformations absolutely every wedding should go along with. Dotting stations, such as wedding favour stations, photo booth stations, gift stations and even a hot tea and fresh coffee station is a matter of good planning.

Stations give guests an excuse to venture from their seats and mingle, get involved and give those shyer, reluctant family members a means of getting stuck it. Wedding stations also give folk a place to go and perfectly reasonable excuse to escape a conversation, should they need or want for one. Hence, the real transformative powers held by wedding reception stationing is that it engages guests and encourages them to engage with others whilst the nature of the stations themselves are wholly adaptable depending on taste, preference and theme.

5. Capturing the Moment With Wedding Capsules

One station that every wedding should feature and which can transform not just your day but anniversary a year on is a wedding time capsule. A wedding time capsule allows guests to write their thoughts and feelings down and post them into a box or container to be read on your 1st year anniversary.


What you use as a wedding time capsule is entirely up to you. Unfussy (but by no means unattractive) cardboard wedding boxes can be purchased extremely cheaply from the likes of sellers via the Amazon website. Meanwhile, for those looking for a box they can keep and treasure forever, numerous Etsy sellers make some stunning wooden examples, including an actual treasure chest design that is particularly lovely.