In no particular order, here is a look at five of the UK’s best wedding photographers working today. The five photographers to have made this shortlist have so because of their unique style whilst the list aims to provide couples with a selection of exciting talents from across the UK. Unlike many of the lists of ‘top wedding photographers’ on the web today, the list further aims to draw attention to newer talents as well as champion the work of those more established.  

Katy and Co, South London

To begin, one of the freshest and perhaps most exciting photographers to make this list, is Katy whose impressive success has resulted in her now collaborating and establishing the wedding photography business, Katy and Co. Along with a fellow south London photographer, Katy has forged a unified style capturing and celebrating her and her partner’s joint passion for ‘visual story telling’.

Originally a lifestyle photographer, Katy’s work is instantly recognisable, not just for its strong narrative style, but as well for her dextrous handling of light and colour. Further, Katy has a real talent for creating a sense of effortless and natural intimacy that is unachievable except by a photographer such as Katy, who by her own admission ‘love[s] working with creative couples whose weddings are a celebration of their personalities as much as their love’.

Jeff Ascough, Lancashire

Described in an interview with the notable UK based and now international wedding photography directory, Wedding Photography Select as ‘one of the best wedding photographers in the world’, Jeff Ascough is a name every would-be-wed couple should be aware of.


Ascough is a pioneering wedding photographer whose work helped to introduce the now hugely trendy ‘documentary style’ approach to wedding photography. With twenty years experience, over 1000 weddings to his name and having been voted one of the top ten photographers by American Photo Magazine, Ascough is an innovative and avant garde choice who describes his style these days as unobtrusive, photo-journalistic and slightly ‘voyeuristic ‘.


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Francesca Hill, Cardiff, Bistol and South Wales

Beginning her career as a fashion and glamour photographer, Francesca Hill was initially reluctant to move into wedding photography for exactly the reason she’s proving so good at it. ‘I didn’t want to do Wedding Photography because I felt it would be such an enormous pressure to be responsible for something so important!’, Hill recently said in an interview for popular Welsh wedding blog, Cwtch the Bride.

Hill’s intuitive and empathetic nature coupled with her own self confessed ‘editorial inspired images’ combine to create stunning and effortless seeming results. The reality, meanwhile, is that Hill puts enormous effort into her work; a destination wedding photographer, Hill seeks to visit the location of every wedding she shoots to assess the lighting and formulate ideas ahead of each wedding day she shoots – showing a level of professionalism and enthusiasm even the most experienced of photographers could learn from.

Rob Grimes, Nottinghamshire

Another destination wedding photographer, Rob Grimes is a well known and seasoned photographer whose been snap happy since boyhood, when his father gave him his first camera. Having begun seriously taking photographs whilst in the army and touring Afghanistan, his varied experience has undoubtedly contributed and informed his style as a photographer.

Grime’s, whose unpretentious ethos and humble nature along with his belief that ‘it’s your ability to capture something unique that has the ability to inspire everyone’, has quickly gained acclaim. Notability and most recently, Grimes was interviewed and listed in The Creative Collective, which formed as the result of a collaboration between ‘photographers, videographers, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Wedding Dress Designers & Accessories suppliers’ in Nottingham.

Aneta Mak, London

Aneta Mak is a photographer who in 2014 ranked in the top three wedding photographers currently working in Europe according to Martha Stewart’s Top Global Wedding Photographers list. No small feat for any wedding photographer, for a photographer who has rather controversially decided to shirk digital photography in favour of film, it is a real accolade.

Mak’s approach to modern wedding photography has served to set her apart from most of her contemporaries whilst also helping to create her name, and signature style. When asked why she prefers shooting using film in an interview with Glam Magazine, Mak explained: ‘I see things differently when I shoot with a film camera in my hand. When you shoot with film you really slow down, you see light differently and you know your film has a certain colour palette. I’m not sure I’d still be a photographer if I couldn’t shoot with film anymore, so I keep my fridge fully stocked at all times!’