By Carolyn Babjak


Many couples want a special over the top type of wedding. They want to be remembered and create memories for themselves and their guests.


To create the over the top wedding can be affordable too for those with limited space and funding. For example the backyard wedding, is simple, intimate and meaningful for a couple and their family and friends. But to make it over the top there needs to be a kick for the guests. A magician or palm reader can provoke lots of fun and amusement at minimal cost. Along with stilt walkers all dressed extravagantly can be a great wow factor and entertaining to one and all.


If you're having a served meal the comedy waiters bring a lot of laughs to a crowd that is not in on the joke. This works well for the fun loving couples. Usually two or three waiters will do with the regular wait staff actually doing the real work. And if comedy isn’t your thing than do the singing waiters. By hiring a mariachi band bring a fun time too.


A simple photo booth has become very popular, and rather inexpensive; with guests hamming it up for the camera. The bonus, guests get to keep the pictures. This involves the guests and entertains as well.


Along with the photo booth can be a video recording for guests to record a special message to the couple. This is so meaningful for them and the couple for years to come.


With the larger venue there are lots of possibilities of over the top entertainment.

For example there is the entertainment extravagants of Spark Fire Dance to entertain and amaze with the fire and acrobatic combination.


The ultimate party ending can come with fireworks. If your venue permits, this can go along with the nights final dance. Be sure to leave this one to the professionals and make sure the guest all know there will be an awesome finale to your special day. They will truly appreciate staying when the fireworks start.


If your special day includes combining families with lots of kids, a most memorable day for them, it’s a must to keep them entertained. Therefore the Arcade wedding would be awesome. Video, arcade, air hockey and a ping pong table will do the trick. Through in popcorn and ice cream sundaes. Most adults will sneak a quick game of air hockey or ping pong so it’s a win, win.


Find your interests and budget, the rest falls into place. Keep in mind the over the top wedding will be remembered for years to come.