Along with choosing a venue, having that dream cake made, finding that fairy tale dress...and of course finding that perfect partner, choosing a wedding band is high on the list of wedding planning priorities. Or should be. Hence, if you are doing exactly that, you might want to consider the following before booking that band or even looking to find one.

Music and Entertainment Agencies

Seek the expert advice and help of a ‘live band hire and entertainment booking agency’ such as Band Hire UK.  An entertainment booking agency can save couples valuable time, hassle and even money. Agencies like band hire UK permit individuals to search for their perfect wedding band from a wide selection of musicians.

Because entertainment agencies vet the bands and entertainers they list, those who opt to find a band via an entertainment agency do so in the knowledge that the band they book are a legitimate and reputable, as well as capable, band. What is more, booking via an entertainment agency is by far the surest and safest way to safeguard yourself financially and otherwise against no-shows and the most common issues experienced when booking or trusting a band to play on your big day.


Communicate clearly with bands before booking one. That is, it is important before booking any band to know exactly what you want or at the very least have a somewhat clear idea to present to a band. If a band misunderstands what you want and expect, you can expect to be equally baffled by what they play or how they perform at your wedding. Musicians are experts at playing music, not at interpreting or translating woolly ideas as to what you might like. Hence, discuss with your partner what you want and search as a couple to avoid disappointment on your big day.


Hiring a wedding band should never be treated casually. It is important, even if you opt to hire a friend’s band or one that happens to be recommended via friends and family, to treat any negotiation as a business negotiation. As such, always write everything down that you and a potential band have discussed and ask that band to read through what has been written to ensure you are both clear on what is expected and wanted. Doing this, before drawing up an actual contract, will help you to find a band with whom you can communicate clearly and work with to ensure your dream day does not become a nightmare. Then, having discussed, written and agreed with a band on what you want, have a contract made up or make one up which you, your partner and your chosen band will all sign ahead of parting with any money; this will go in at least some way to safeguard you against any potential issues, should you decide to forego the expertise of booking band via an agency.

For more top tips and things to consider, from first dance songs to what you might like to hear whilst taking that walk down the aisle, head over to the Boho Wedding website, where professional wedding singer Sophie Garner has compiled an in-depth and not uninteresting guide for would-be-weds looking for that perfect musical accompaniment to their big day.