It is wonderful to share your wedding day with your family and friends. To have witnesses of your happiness. To make them part of your fairy tale. But sometimes organizing your wedding celebration takes all of your energy and time, and instead of enjoying in every little step, you are stressed. And you forget about the most important one at your wedding day. Your partner.

That is the reason why many couples decide to elope for their wedding. To dedicate that special day to each other and their love.


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When you decide not to make a big venue for like 200 guests, many options for getting married appear. You can have your ceremony and exchange your vows in Rome or Paris, sandy beach of Mauritius or maybe mountains of New Zealand. The possibilities are endless. The money that you save from avoiding the big wedding, should be just enough to make a perfect atmosphere at almost any location in the world. And you don’t need to care about anyone’s opinion. All that matters are your wishes.



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If you want a stress-free wedding, elopement is the right thing to do. No worries about the cake, the guest list or the music. No need to pre-arrange almost anything, just go with a flow and do what you want to do in that certain moment.



It should be your most romantic day, right? But it can be hard to express your thoughts and feelings and share a moment with your special one, when 200 people are watching. When you elope, it feels like being alone in the world, with only the one you love next to you.


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There are many agencies that can help you to arrange your elopement anywhere in the world. But you can do it by yourself. So, if you want, just do it, run away with your partner! And just remember it is only your day and no one else's.


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