The word "unforgettable" has always been associated with the greatest milestones in our lives. A wedding is clearly one of those life highlights that have constantly created a huge impact on our memories, whether we are the one who got hitched, by becoming a part of an entourage, or by simply being a guest. We cannot deny the fact that we get touched and become inspired by how weddings express something special, something unique, which symbolizes the couple's ideals. Even if a large percentage of couples choose a well-planned wedding celebration, many weddings take place in non-conformist way, turning away from the traditional practices, and opting for a whole lot different approach. A surprise wedding is one of these wedding themes that are carried out with so much fun!



IMAGE SOURCE: Nick Mundy's Twitter


Take for instance the Los Angeles wedding of comedian Nick Mundy and artist Dilara Karabas which happened on the 16th of May 2015. After getting engaged, who would have thought that an unplanned wedding will be successfully pulled off and officiated by no other than The Rock, to his best friend slash super-fan Nick and his fiancé? Just recently ordained, The Rock married Nick and Dilara in an extremely heartfelt manner.




 IMAGE SOURCE: Screen Junkies


With the help of the Screen Junkies team, the prank which led to Nick's surprise wedding couldn't have happen any better. Wearing an Astros cap and an American flag for his pants, guests witnessed how his emotions and reactions transformed all at once as he walked into his very own wedding, and seeing her gorgeous bride walking down the aisle.


Here, Nick shares what actually ran through his mind after realizing that he would be getting married with the love of his life, by The Rock.


"I was thinking 'oh, God, I hope this is real. I hope Dilara is cool with this. I hope Dilara is cool with this. I didn't want to make my wedding one big joke.

Then she came walking down the aisle with my dad and I was destroyed. I was doing my best not to die right there. After that, I forgot the Rock was even there. I was just focusing on Dilara.

I look like a clown. My hair is messed up. I have hat hair. I look like a homeless bear wearing human clothing. But when I saw her it went away. It's weird having this weird great life with her, my best friend."


This heartwarming, bright and cheerful wedding has left those who were a part of it smiling. Even those who have only read the news and details about this surprise wedding will find themselves beaming with delight!



 IMAGE SOURCE: Nick Mundy thru Chron


Regardless if Nick has been speechless, dumbfounded, flabbergasted or what, one thing's for sure, this surprise wedding's unforgettable-ness was taken a notch higher, inspiring others to find ways on how they cannot only make the special people in their lives simply smile, but by making a huge difference and taking an extra step to make a extraordinary event in their life, truly a blissful and cherish-worthy one. 


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