There are actually so many successful love stories that were born out of hobbies and interests, and places where passion for a certain craft is expressed. There are performers who fell in love onstage. Chefs whose romance went on outside the kitchen. Bibliophiles who swept each other's feet beyond books, and so on. Yet there are actually those lucky ones who were able to symbolize the conception of their love story, while blending in their passion onto their wedding theme.


Speaking of combining the said two elements into a nuptial, gym-buffs Brittany and Derrick have chosen a fitness-themed wedding. Why not? They met at a gym where Brittany caught Derrick's attention while she was lifting. That day was followed by several attempts of Derrick asking Brittany out for a date, including the time when he asked her to be his gym Valentine. The efforts definitely paid off when Brittany finally agreed to a dinner date with him, which commenced the many date nights of workout routines and weight-training. Definitely heart-friendly, in a literal and figurative way!


If you and your beau are certified workoutaholics, then you will gain some wedding inspiration (and perhaps fitspiration!) from Brittany and Derrick's uber refreshing wedding.



Image by Ampd Photography

Dress and Suit: Fit for a Fitness-Buff

Brittany looked classy with her delicate bridal makeup and gorgeous locks. Her dress beautifully fit her toned body. The embellishments on her bridal gown complemented her earrings and bridal headpiece in an incredibly alluring way. The lime green bridal shoes clearly added a carefree vibe to her overall look! Derrick also looked tasteful in a black vest over a white, long sleeve polo.




Image by Ampd Photography

Fitness-Inspired Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Although all bridesmaids were dressed in black, the variety of the bridesmaid dresses was attractive, and each neckline type accentuated each of the bridesmaid's assets. They also sported lime green shoes! The groomsmen have worn lime-green vests and socks too.




Image by Ampd Photography

Fitness-Inspired Table Arrangements

The tables that were named after the different types of exercises are certainly attention-grabbing. The green apples, lime-green gems and ornaments are perfectly assembled with the purple flowers and blooms in different shades of green – very invigorating!




Image by Ampd Photography

Fitness-Inspired Giveaways

Sooo heartwarming and functional!  Brittany and Derreck said thank you through these green water bottles, which included the couple’s message.




Image by Ampd Photography

Fitness-Inspired Photobooth

This photo-booth really showed what fitness and fun are all about. You'd find yourself smiling in awe! 



It's wonderful how this wedding theme was infused with so many ingredients that evoke strength and vigor, yet still preserved a graceful and feminine appeal. Not only did this couple represent an ideally healthy lifestyle, but their confidence and creativity in following what they truly want is really something worthy of admiration. This theme proves that a wedding should be a mirror of what a couple is passionate about, and that they are free to pick whatever defines their dream wedding, no matter how unconventional it may be.