Feminine touches. Elegant details. Formal accents. These are the general characteristics of a wedding. Indeed, there is no right or wrong way to plan for one and each is truly deemed special, regardless of how it was arranged and executed. But if you're daring enough to do something out of the ordinary, and being able to accomplish it is already a notable success in itself. To have a wedding theme that's absolutely according to what you and your fiancé want and nothing else, and without any misgivings that it may or may not receive a nod of approval, is quite a liberating experience. Love is feeling the moment, and a wedding should be done all the same.


If you and your fiancé are a hardcore fan of something, then your wedding would be the most perfect event to translate that interest into! It's amazing how couples are getting more and more audacious these days, veering away from the long-established bridal norms, and leaning towards something that's reflective of who they are and what they are. However elaborate or simple your chosen theme may be, careful and deliberate planning are definitely the key.


In this case Jennifer and Joshua totally won it! Being solid Star Wars fans, they have chosen George Lucas' sci-fi trilogy as their wedding theme, and from the looks of their wedding photos, they've not only incorporated the theme fruitfully, but they were able to harmonize the film's elements in a very tasteful manner.



Caca Santoro Photography thru Green Wedding Shoes

The achromatic black and white suit of Joshua gave him a debonair look, and the Darth Vader armors carrying the same colors really made their wedding photos balanced.




Caca Santoro Photography thru Green Wedding Shoes

Jennifer looked so beautiful with her au naturel makeup. She exuded with so much elegance too with her classy white strapless gown, which was accessorized stylishly with an embellished veil and a pair of statement earrings.



Caca Santoro Photography thru Green Wedding Shoes

Oh, and that bridal belt embroidered with a Stormtrooper piece is really charmingly fun! The pink nail polish was indeed a girly addition to her overall look.




Caca Santoro Photography thru Green Wedding Shoes

The Star-Wars princess look was fully captured by these two charming flower girls. Their Princess Leia-inspired buns and belts made them look incredibly pretty!




Caca Santoro Photography thru Green Wedding Shoes

Some of the Star Wars figures were also included on their 4-layer wedding cake. Again, the black and white colors blended well with the rest of the wedding pieces. The bridal cake was well-designed and simply romantic.




Caca Santoro Photography thru Green Wedding Shoes

These wedding tables were so pleasing to the eye that you'll be amazed how the Star-Wars theme is blended with the table setting sophisticatedly. A table for the Jedi knights! 




Caca Santoro Photography

Capping off the night with a cheery celebration with their loved ones, not to mention the surprise brought about by Jennifer's dad in a Darth Vader suit, then dancing the night away with these lightsabers made this wedding even more memorably terrific!


It's clear that the edgy aspect of Star Wars didn't overpower Jennifer and Joshua's wedding. In fact, it blended so well that you'll be able to appreciate how any theme can possibly be used, if personality and quality are both combined meticulously- topped off with a bold attitude.


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