Wedding favours are perhaps the least considered aspect when planning a wedding. These items are usually placed at the bottom of the list — in fact, some couples have decided to do away with wedding favours altogether, thinking that they are just a waste of money. However, there are plenty of ways you can spice up your wedding favours and make them not just memorable, but also useful for your guests. Here are some ideas.

1. Go green with an eco-friendly tote bag!
There are thousands of designs available, and you can even use your wedding colors and motif to personalize the tote bags. This practical favour is guaranteed NOT to be thrown away, much less left gathering dust in your guests’ shelves at home. What’s more, tote bags make for cool, environment-friendly souvenirs that your guests can use for shopping, travel, etc.


2. End your wedding on a sweet note.
Some couples, like Eric and Michelle, have decided to do away with the typical wedding glass souvenirs and went with mini chocolate cupcakes as wedding favours instead. It’s actually a good idea — who can resist chocolate, after all? Eric and Michelle decided to play it low-key and only had their names and the date of their wedding discreetly engraved in cream frosting. “Having it rendered in too large a font just screams over-the-top and self-absorbed,” says Michelle. “Not classy at all.”


3. Another affordable alternative are small packets of coffee beans.
These are definitely easy on the budget — you can buy a sack, divvy them up in equal amounts, and then pack them into individual, personalized canvas printed bags or recyclable metal containers with stickers indicating your names and the date of your wedding. Your caffeine-loving friends, family members, and guests will absolutely love this kind of souvenir. If you want to add a twist, mix it up and go for different types of coffee beans, such as excelsa, robusta, arabica, and the like.


4. Coasters make for practical, useful, and creative party favours.
You can be sure that your guests will use those personalized coasters in their homes or offices. Again, you might want to consider tailor-fitting the coasters to reflect your wedding theme and making the print of your names and the date of your wedding rendered in small font, to give off a streamlined yet classy look.


5. Pay it forward with charity- or cause-oriented favours.
Say you’ve set aside a budget for your guests’ token gifts. Instead of blowing the money on useless stuff that your guests won’t have use for, why not donate the money to your chosen cause or advocacy? It’s infinitely more meaningful, and you can inform your guests via a small card that in lieu of a favor, a donation has been made in their name. 


There are plenty of ways to jazz up your wedding favours and make them special AND functional at the same time. When brainstorming for ideas, just keep in mind that you want to give your guests a practical yet meaningful token of your special day — one that is creative, useful, and will remind them of you.