Spice up your marriage in a different way! Regardless of the number of years you’ve been together, it is definitely an amazing experience to get married to your spouse- for the second time. It doesn’t mean that the relationship is fading, but it is a celebration to be reminded of the commitment to the vows you’ve mentioned on that super sweet moment several years ago. If you want to reaffirm the steadfast vow to each other, uttering the words “I Do “again is definitely a good idea, especially if we’re talking about holding it on a ship. Indeed, cruise ship wedding themes and vow renewal motifs are creating a buzz lately and it’s difficult not to fall in love with cruise ship weddings!



Actually, renewal of vows is symbolic of the sentimental essence of the ceremony. What a good way to celebrate that essence aboard a cruise ship! It’s the best way to enjoy the company of your loved ones aboard a cruise- a gigantic sea carrier with so much luxury and style. Smelling the scent of the ocean breeze and catching a glimpse of the stunning deep blue sea is truly a glorious experience on your vow renewal.


These moments allow you to pause, think, reflect and toss all the unpleasant memories that occurred during your marriage towards the mysterious water. Concentrate on what is beyond the sky and the sea. It would be a fantastic time, with your kids and the rest of your family on that amazing voyage. Visualize yourself on that ship, sailing through the sea of time, overcoming life’s waves and having an utmost faith to face the uncertainties of what lies ahead.

Cruise ship vow renewals will surely create a special bond to those who shared that special moment with you by the commitment and love that have grown between the two of you through the years. If you have some other wedding themes in mind before other than what was held during your wedding then this is certainly a good time to make it happen. Whether you are cruising in the Bahamas or Hawaii, traversing the Pacific Ocean, or battling the sparkly waves of the Mediterranean sea, the heartwarming exchange of vows will be carried through the waves and wind over the horizon-witnessing the undying love that you have for each other.


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