Signature weddings are nuptials that are done in a way where couples translate their individual interest, fascination towards certain things and hobbies through their wedding. Although couples typically come up with a theme or wedding motif that speak about them, the focal point of signature weddings is how their nuptials are used with several things that signify their individual characters. The said distinct personality may be evident on their wedding invites, bridal cake, wedding program, menu- everywhere! Some prefer the music to be a compilation of the newlyweds’ favourite songs rather than choosing a general wedding music list. We might find that each wedding is uniquely special, but what makes signature weddings even more extraordinary is the fact that they showcase the personalities of two individuals, united as one by love, in a glamorous and matchless way.

With so many interests and favourites you may unquestionably have to deal with, your signature wedding planning will surely be fun! Whether you are opting for only one interest or several hobbies as the subject of your wedding, make sure that it will be matched well enough with the rest of your bridal details.





Wanderlust couples can include their favourite travel destinations on the place cards, wedding favors, and even use the world map, where their trips are designed, thru a projector to add some drama to the lighting. The local music on their well-loved country or town could also be serenaded. Invitations may also be in a form of a passport.






Couples who are certified car enthusiasts can still hold a car-inspired wedding  in a very upbeat and stylish way, without having a ceremony look like a children’s party. Their love for automobiles could be shown on elegant photos of coupé or favors that are vehicle-inspired are also ultimately perfect ideas.



For newly engaged foodies, there might be a double celebration! Their signature wedding may eventually be an assortment of several dishes that they truly love included on their menu. Snapshots of their food adventures could also be shown as a slide show to the guest, making  their wedding  exemplify  their being a true-blue foodie couple!




Disney fans who are getting married could incorporate several Disney themes in their  wedding. The bride and groom may choose the characters they personally like or a Disney gang that they’ve been following since childhood! The bridal gown, cake, as well as the other trinkets could be done ala – Disney- so fun!




Those who are into arts could look forward to a distinct wedding. Imagine the ceremony venue as well the reception location infused with so many artworks, that say a lot about their preferences and union. The bridal cake, tables, and even the soles of their wedding shoes could express their love for arts.





The recently engaged couples on the other hand who consider themselves as bookworms could integrate books, manuscripts, and several stylish fonts to their signature wedding, that will make it even more enjoyable, especially to the guests who love books as well.


 Despite the fact that several changes in wedding planning happen recently, especially with the bridal dresses, wedding programs, locations, among others, signature weddings are becoming one of the hottest wedding trends. It might be because the possibilities are endless in planning for one. Besides getting to choose the fab decors and gorgeous designs to blend with the colours you have in mind, incorporating the different things that symbolize the bride and groom’s personality onto the wedding makes it even more special.



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