It is your wedding day and being perfect is not only for your girl, but also for you. While I am sure you have tons of ideas in your mind about how to become the most dashing guy at the venue, I just remember there is one easy way to make everyone keep an eye on you: your shoes. Well, the tip that I am going to tell you is just one easy idea among many perfect wedding tips you can read here, where all great wedding ideas gather, including suggestions in finding out how to get nice wedding invitation templates. Read our posts and you will surely find what you're looking for! 


            Now, let me ask you this question. Do you have a pair of shoes that you believe as ‘impeccable’, especially for one big day, as special as your wedding? Do you plan to wear them on your wedding day? What about your guests, do you think everyone who'd come to your wedding will pay attention to something else instead of your shoes and your perfection during the whole day?

Now, if you give me ‘Yes’ to at least two of those questions, you particularly need a quick guide on shoe styles. This guide I am going to show you is as important as getting nice wedding invitation templatesfor your invitation card as well as other things you have on your to-do list. So, you better keep your eye on it.

Before we begin the guide, let me remind you one thing: there are limitless variations on shoe styles which I am not going to show you all of them. I am not going to show you the popular ones, but the one I am going to show you is the most essential thing you should know about the shoes.   

            Since this is your wedding, the first thing we should settle is your shoes should match with the event which is, in this case, full of formality. There are various options you can choose for this purpose: casual, quirky, formal, and semi casual. I have provided some shoes for each category. Feel free to pick the one you feel the best shoes, no matter whether they match with your wedding invitation templates or not.


Quirky Wedding

            Quirky wedding involves with wild wedding ideas. So, you should never expect a common thing from this wedding, including and especially the venue. Instead of thinking about church, think about something different, such as museum or gallery.

            Well, with all those wild ideas, I think I have been accustomed to hear about couple folding up trousers or their suspenders and get the bow tie with their dress. For all of you who think about this idea, let me show you some great shoes you may be interested. Some of them may surprise you like wedding invitation template idea we have on our site.


The Desert Boot        

            Some of you may know this shoe as chukka boot. Flat sole just few millimeters above your ankle is the most common thing all desert boots, have, as well as open lacing and plain toe. Most of these shoes use canvas or suede as their materials and usually come in various colors, from the darkest to the lightest one. You can pick these shoes for your wedding, but make sure you have one pair with a neutral shade and don’t forget to bring a touch of your personality to them as well as you did with your wedding invitation templates.


The Buck        

            These shoes use deerskin as its original material. However, that time has passed long time ago because today there are many manufacturers use Nubuck or suede to make these shoes to create the velvet-like surface of the grain side of the shoes.

            As you can see from the picture below, the shoes have similar shape with a dress shoe, but I believe it has better relaxed version than dress shoes which makes it believe you can wear it both for casual and formal events. Most of these shoes are now available with classic tan color with red soles made up from rubber, but there are some manufacturers come with white, grey, red, and blue color. So, you can easily pick the one you love. You just need to make sure it does not break your wedding theme, as you have kept it in line with your wedding invitation templates.


The Sneakers

            I am sure you have known these shoes. They come with both canvas uppers and rubber soles which make them soft shoes most people wear for casual occasions. Since they are popular shoes, you can almost pick any sneaker you want for your wedding, as long as you feel it convenient for that special moment. However, if I may suggest, just like I did with your wedding invitation templates, you can pick a pair of them from Converse and Vans because they are some kind of expert in making wedding shoes. With them on your back, I can guarantee all your special needs will get appropriate answers.


Casual Wedding

If you love anything we call as relax sensation, then casual wedding should become your choice. Most couples hold their casual wedding in a peaceful place, such as their backyard, beach, or even forest. This is a wedding when you can easily spot particular shoes the couple wears. You are looking for simple shoes for this wedding, which list of my recommendations you can find from the following list. By the way, don’t forget to match it with your wedding invitation templatesas well as other parts of your wedding. So, all of them will live in the same spirit of your wedding theme.


The Sandal

            Those who wear this footwear is the one who is looking for the informal wedding if I cannot say it as the most informal wedding. This footwear exposes the upper part of your foot, which allows fresh air flow over it. So, you can simply feel cool even during the hot climate.

            For your wedding, I may recommend either simple leather sandals in dark brown or maybe tan if you look for stylish option, just like you did with your wedding invitation templates.


The Boat Shoe

            Some of us know this footwear as the top side. These shoes come with rubber soles. So, you can expect non-slip experience, even though you are currently standing on the deck. It may be named after a boat, but you do not need to become a sailor to wear the shoes.

            Most of these shoes come with leather or canvas as the material, while for the sole it mainly uses rubber to keep the grip. These shoes are the exact choice you need if you are looking for casual or even traditional wedding. It is a nice wedding for everyone, especially if you have already come with your great wedding invitation templates.


Semi-Casual Wedding

            I believe this one is the most common theme we hear. People hold their wedding at churches, formal gardens, churches, and other similar places when they want to have a semi-casual wedding. When it comes to this theme, the couple is looking to be comfortable invest and trousers, instead of a suit. So, the best shoe option we get is by combining the dress with the following shoes (and you should follow the same style with your wedding invitation templates):


The Loafer

            There has been no particular study on these shoes, but most people who ever wore I believe these shoes are the most comfortable footwear they ever wore. These shoes may be the best under the comfort and freedom category, but some people do not like it because it is the least ‘dressy’ one. Well, for me, this is not a big problem because it has been covered by various colors we can pick today, such as classic loafers, tassel, and penny. With different colors and fabrics, these shoes can actually bring you distinct formal appearance for your wedding.


The Dress Boot

            Ankle-length boots, slim, and slight heel are the exact things you will get from these shoes. In addition, you will find out that most of them at least have similar design with either Derby or Oxford. They are a nice choice for semi-casual wedding, even though for this time, they do not come as the best recommendation I can give to you, at least not for your existed perfect wedding invitation templates.


The Derby

            It may not as popular as Oxford, but this item surely has its another name due to its popularity: the Blucher. I am not sure the reason for the name, but this item comes with an open laced system which sets the eyelet tabs on top of the vamp. At the first sight, it may look perfect for formal occasions, you will soon realize how the design makes this item even more flexible than it looks.


Formal Wedding

            If you set your theme as formal wedding, don’t forget that your wedding should follow all the formal rules, including dark and formal suit or even a tuxedo for the best look. If you don’t carefully pick the right shoes, no matter how perfect you look, it will turn not-so good anymore. The following list I provide should be able to help you in getting your perfect wedding, after all preparation you make including making the wedding invitation templatesyou love.


The Oxford

            This is the only men’s footwear I strongly believe all men have at least one pair. Its closed lacing system makes system stitches all the eyelet tabs underneath the shoe vamp. That is the reason this item looks sleeker and cleaner than other shoes. However, at the contrary, they also come with less flexibility which sometimes make them more constricting than other similar products. If you are looking shoes for formal suit, this one should be your first option, especially for a special event as big as your wedding day. I am sure you won’t miss all the unforgettable moment as you did it with your wedding invitation templates.


The Monk Strap

            If you are looking both for character and moderate formal style, I recommend taking this one. Its style is somewhere between the Derby and Oxford, but with two differences. First, its laces are no longer available because a strap has already had the place. Second, it comes with one or maybe two buckles.


Look the Details

            Whenever you are looking for wedding shoes, there are some points you should consider. Basically, they are not too different with everything you did when choosing the best wedding invitation templates for your wedding. The following list should be able to guide your path.


The Cap

            There are three different caps you should carefully consider before picking your shoes because you will lace your toes there.


·         Plain toe

This one has the simplest design which makes it almost perfect for any occasion.


·         Cap toe

This one gets an extra leather band for your toe which makes it the most famous style of classic suit.


·         Wings toe

The cap toe comes precisely above your toes and spreads out, following W shape which is similar to wing shape.


The Pattern

            There are basically two patterns currently available for classic shoes:

·         Plain

There is no decoration on the surface, but usually shoes come with different shine

·         Brogue

This term refers to particular leather perforation with different disctinctions, including long wing, semi, full, and quarter brogue.


Color Conscious

            If you want to be as perfect as possible, try to get shoes which color matches with your dress. I would like to recommend dark shoes as the best option for almost all wedding themes. However, it does not mean I forbid you to choose a light color. You can still choose this color, but you need to balance the color with your dress. You can easily balance your dress with your shoes by coordinating them and never let them overboarded.

·           Charcoal or black suit for black shoes

·           Light grey without brown undertones for black shoes

·           Light grey with brown undertones for dark brown shoes

·           White for white shoes

·           Tan or ream for medium or light brown shoes

·           Navy blue for black or brown shoes


Avoiding Cold Feet

            If continuity is one of your concerns, make sure you have matched your trousers to your socks, instead of your shoes. You should also remember about opting for particular texture or pattern to add more interest than ever to your outfit. Just like your wedding invitation templates, this may turn to your perfect opportunity in making your wedding not only a ceremony, but also an enjoyable moment for everyone by simply popping out a color you love or maybe a bold design. You can choose whether to coordinate your socks with your pocket square, tie, or even your bride’s shoes. You should also remember to put your socks above your knee, not your ankle and white socks are only for the white suit.


Shoe Rules

            Here are some shoe rules I learn.

·      Remove all tags

·      If you just bought a new pair, don’t forget to break them in

·      Shop far before your big day

·      Balance is more important than just style

·      The sleeker, the more formal

·      Never square your toes, but round them

·      Prioritize fitting and comfort, instead of style


       Just like your wedding invitations templates, your shoes are worthy of good investment. So make sure you have enough time to pick something you believe is the best. You should look only for the best, except you are not capable of purchasing it. You are looking for a pair of shoes that will last at least for couple of years. Those shoes will accompany you in making your steps as a husband. For this reason, quality and memory is crucial.