I am sure most of you have ever heard about wedding board as an important wedding tool, besides the wedding ceremony script. It is a simple board that contains everything you should prepare and do if you want to get a perfect wedding. Some people say that a wedding board helps them in defining both their mood and look they desire for their big day, while other people say the board just eases everything they should do and eliminate any useless time.

Now, let’s see what actually you should do to get your wedding board ‘working.’


Do not forget the proper etiquette

            A wedding is a moment when not only two people’s love is going to be unified in a holy matrimony, but also when tradition ‘lives’ again. No matter how unfamiliar you are with your own tradition, once both your fiancé and you step together into a marriage, you should pay respect to all traditions in your society. Even though different places may have different tradition, especially wedding tradition, you can start with addressing all your wedding guests with their formal name and titles before you begin with any wedding ceremony script. This way you can ensure all your guests will be appropriately respected, not only for their willingness to come to your wedding day, but also their care and support for your whole. This one is important, so let’s make sure you will never forget it.


            There is another thing you should do before starting with your wedding ceremony script. You must make sure everything always follows the deadline and details you have set for your big day, including and especially the dress code. No matter which theme you choose for your wedding, never leave any chance of ‘losing the formality.’ The reason is quite simple: it is one of the most unforgettable moments of your life and I am sure you don’t want to leave it under chaos just because everyone can come to the event wearing anything they like. This is the matter of paying respect both to your wedding and yourself (if we lose the tradition).


Hire professionals

            It is your wedding when finally your love will be united. So, is there something wrong if you should make it a moment everyone will not so easily forget? Is it wrong when you realize you are less capable than professionals to bring your perfect wedding come true? No, there is nothing wrong with that, even though when you need someone else to help you making your own wedding ceremony script. That is the reason I recommend hiring professionals for your wedding if you realize both things you can do and other things you cannot do. Put this at your wedding board.



            Hiring professionals for your big day will surely ‘force’ you to spend some more money than you used to spend if you don’t hire them, but believe me one thing: their presence will ease almost everything, from your wedding ceremony script, catering, florist, and many other things.


Expects for children and babies

            A wedding is always a special moment, not only for the couple, but also for everyone. So, prepare yourself to see not only your guests come alone to your big day, but also children. I am quite certain there are always children in all weddings, even though you may not invite them, but their parents, brothers, or sisters. The good news is they can make your wedding more cheerful than you can expect. However, the bad news is you must take care of them, for any move and action they make which I am, once again, quite certain you don’t have time for it. So, instead of ruining everything you have prepared, including your wedding ceremony script, why don’t you hire some baby sitters to make these children always safe and happy? Yes, it may add some slots to your wedding budget, but keeping everyone happy during your wedding days is far more important than money, if I can say that.



Extra preparation      


            Let’s get prepared for the worst because basically no one knows the future. If something good happens in the future, well, there is nothing to be worried. However, if the opposite happens and you get nothing at your side to overcome the ‘threat,’ then the only thing that will come is a nightmare which I believe you never want to have, especially if you have already set everything perfect, including your wedding ceremony script. So, here is my suggestion. During the whole day, don’t forget to bring your wedding emergency kit. Put everything you need in the kit, including, but not limited to deodorant, breath mints, safety pins, lipstick, powder, hair spray, clear nail polish, hosiery, needles, thread, headache medicine, feminine products, other medications and ‘emergency’ beauty kits you need. No, we actually don’t hope you will need even one of these items, but prevention is always better than cure.