It is your wedding day. Let’s show everyone at the venue your true beauty. Let’s show everyone they should not turn their eyes from you. Your true beauty will make your wedding a moment your guests will never forget. However, knowing how to be beautiful is not enough. You should also know how to ‘preserve’ your beauty for the whole day, at least until everyone drives their vehicle home. Take a look at the list below. It contains thirteen things most beauty experts set as ‘prohibited.’ Avoid them and you will surely get the beauty you have been looking. If you are looking for the true beauty that will never fade even when you wear the wedding veils, this ban list will show you exact path you should avoid.


1.        Never take wine and dark-colored foods

Unless you want your guests to see disturbing stain in your smile behind your wedding veils whether while they are talking with you or in your wedding photo, you should keep all dark-colored foods as well as wine from your diet at least few days before the big day. I even recommend you to taking professional teeth-whitening service to keep the perfect smile not far from your life. Do not worry about the budget because there are many teeth whitening tools and services in the market which can give you the perfect result as long as you follow the instruction and use it regularly, at least 4 weeks before the big day.




2.        Do not tan

Tanning may give you your dream skin, but please, unless you know exact ways to get your dream

 skin color by tanning it, I recommend to avoiding this stuff at least until you are married. I will not speak about the risk of skin damage because you may have known about that. Here is my point: unless you get vast experience in skin tanning, keep this stuff away from your life while you are preparing for your wedding. Once you failed getting the skin color you love, it won’t be easy to get your skin back again and that is precisely how your wedding will be ruined, even though you have the most beautiful wedding veils ever.



3.        Keep away your first-ever bikini way

If you want to have your bikini line waxed, do it at least three or four months before the big day. Keep the schedule tight or you will deal with major pain, irritation, and swelling. The worst thing is they will come to you at your wedding night. I am sure you never expect this thing to come, unlike your dream wedding veils.


4.        Your skin-care program, birth control, washing detergent, and any other program you currently participate should remain the same at less seven months before your wedding

Within 6 or 7 months prior to your wedding day, your favorite fabric softener may go on sale, but are you ready to get all the new rash it will ‘give’ to your hand? No, it is not the best deal you can get. Do not bring change to anything you currently have or joint at least 6 or 7 months before your wedding day because any change or at least couple weeks before you order your wedding veils, even the slightest one, may cause something that will not fade easily even few days before the big day. Unless you are ready to see the big frame of failure in front of your eyes, do not give time to any change.


5.        Do not treat your face, wax your eyebrows, color or cut your hair at least three days before the wedding

It is not your fault if you want to become as beautiful as possible with that perfect wedding veils. The only problem is finding the perfect time. If you do the whole thing few days before your wedding day, believe me, it will be useless. Nothing is worse than your decision if you decide to run everything in hurry. At least give it 7 days before your wedding day. This way, you will have plenty of time to bring everything normal again if there is something wrong happens.



6.        Sodium is your ‘enemy’ for one week before your wedding day

I mean this seriously. Any sauces, salty foods, salty deli meats, and dressings are your enemy. Ingesting them will only bring you ‘additional’ 2 – 5 pounds within 7 days. Surely, this will make you not so perfect anymore ven though you may have the best wedding veils. So, why do not you fast for seven days to keep everything perfect? After your wedding, you can simply back to these foods if you love them. That is not a problem at all.



7.        Keep away the flat iron from your hair, unless you are certain of it

If you plan to have romantic and soft curly hair under your wedding veils, the next thing you should avoid is flat-ironed hairstyle. No matter how cute the hairstyle you may think, you must keep yourself away from this hairstyle. The reason is simple. You can only have the soft and romantic curly hair if you have fresh hair which is the exact thing flat-ironed hairstyle will never give to you.



8.        Do not sit around in your bra the morning of your important day

This particular way is your best shot in to avoid any unsightly pink indents on your shoulders and back whenever you wear strapless dress with that gorgeous wedding veils.


9.        Skimping on the water is not good idea at all

I do not ask you to waste the water, but I am going to ask you to keep your body, especially your skin to mak it looks perfect under your wedding veils. Skimping on the water is not actually a good idea at all. I recommend to doubling your water intake at least for one month prior to your big day.



10.    Keep your beauty emergency kit

Everyone wants to be as beautiful as they can at their wedding day, especially if they have prepared your dream wedding veils. This is the most common thing we hear about wedding, but do we know that keeping the beauty for the whole day is not as easy as having the makeup? No matter how beautiful your makeup, it may turn your face to a nightmare. That is the reason you should keep your beauty emergency kit at your side. At least, the kit should contain hair spray, a small sewing kit, double-sided sticky tape, safety pis, small pair of scissors, bobby pins, bleach en, blotting papers, razor, mints,deodorant, gum, tissue, band-aids, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, nail clipper, emery board, tampons, makeup removal wipes, and basically anything you believe you will need anytime. In simple words, just prepare yourself for the worst nightmare at you wedding day.



11.    Use the touch up

There is nothing wrong if you want to be as beautiful as a princess with that beautiful wedding veils at your wedding day, but get ready to bear all the risks your decision brings. There is no such thing as being beautiful for the whole day without carrying the maintenance stuffs. At least, you will use them at the reception.


12.    Keep your make up

Your wedding is not only the moment when all your guests show their happiness, but also drop their tears. It is one of the happiest moment in your life and the saddest one. Tears will be dropping behind your nice wedding veils, but do not let them ruin your beauty and the whole day. Whenever you drop your tears, hold a tissue in both your hand. Then press them lightly in the tear duct. Let and wait your tears of joy flow into the tissue. Change the tissue when they are too wet. This simple tip will help you from rubbing your makeup.


13.    There is someone behind your beautiful makeup

         No one doubts your beauty at your wedding day even though when you wear your wedding veils,           but remember that behind the beauty you have, there is someone who brought it to you. The only           dream he or she has is changing you to a queen for your special day. So, why don’t you pay your             debt to him or her by sending him or her one copy of your picture? Not only you can say your                   gratitude for his or her effort, but also you will help him or her in building a great work portfolio.