As al fresco weddings gain popularity these days, the term "outdoor" becomes extremely broad as to-be-wed pairs try to find a theme that embodies their character as a couple. With an outdoor setting, just like any wedding planning, hobbies and interests are incorporated. Favourite colors are injected. Rustic wedding invitations are DIY'd. Objects that symbolize their togetherness are included. Celebrations are generally  thrilling to organize but what's so special about a wedding is the fact that beautiful works of art that are seen on the wedding day itself, in one way or another, tells a part of the couple's distinct love story.


Outdoor weddings are preferred by couples who want nature's ambiance to envelope their wedding ceremonies. Beach buddies-turned lovers would opt for a wedding by the sea. Those who want an intimate backyard nuptial just chill on a laid-back garden wedding. Some go for an enchanting forest wedding. Birds chirping as if cheering melodiously to the fresh union; the wind blows as if telling them the words "Best Wishes!" while gently kissing their cheeks. The bright rays of the sun shining happily on everyone's faces. Those elements create the enchanting charisma of weddings done in an open air.

If you want to connect your past to the present time, link a feeling of nostalgia to the happy memories you have from yesteryears, to the new, exciting chapter of your life then a rustic wedding theme is a perfect choice. Take note, a rustic theme can be done as an open-air affair or indoors, so more couples fall in love with the versatility outdoor wedding that's rustic or country styled. A rustic wedding is surrounded with natural organics. Dried leaves, shabby chic items,  cowboy boots, plaid prints, vintage objects and several antiquities comprise this theme that will definitely make your wedding refreshing and dramatic.










We cannot deny the fact that a rustic wedding has a welcoming and pleasant vibe that makes us feel warm and cozy. So if you're planning for one, you've certainly come to the right place! Create your rustic-inspired wedding website now using TwoWed. With TwoWed, you can send rustic wedding invitations to your guests around the world- in 20 languages. Best of all, you'll stay connected as you can easily link your site to Facebook and Twitter.  It's true, there's no place like home. If you want your wedding to bring heartfelt memories to you and your guests then you will never go wrong doing it, the rustic way.


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