Great flowers are one of the lovely things we want for our wedding, and a typical "recommendation" we hear from our wedding consultants, event organizers, and something that we could share on our wedding website. Unlike the old days, getting these flowers is easier than we think. Even when we come with a tight budget, we can still get great floral arrangement. The key is not about finding the cheapest florist, but it is about using structure and color to turn affordable, sophisticated blossoms into something familiar, and exotic arrangements.



A gorgeous floral arrangement- that is all we have been dreaming about :)


“Picking the color is always the ultimate, yet easiest way to make a statement and set our mood,” Haily Bernstein said. As the owner of Portland Ore-based "Zest Floral", who is also an event organizer. “In rare or abrupt shades, even some flowers most people use can become a masterpiece of beauty.”

For example, if you are looking for flowers that reflect a classic feel then gorgeous black baccarat roses, black-burgundy ti leaves, hot chocolate calla lilies, eggplant-colored carnations, and chocolate cosmos are some flowers you should try. These  come in a dark theme and sultry tones which will perfectly match the elegant rich and feel.

If you want flowers for a modern wedding theme, blossoms with striking combinations will become a perfect match for your wedding. These blooms include eggplant and pomegranate, mandarin orange and watermelon pink, charcoal and apple green. Alternatively, you can try five bud vases with a single branch in vibrant from each of them, and most of them are electric hues.

Karen Bussen, a wedding expert and the one who wrote “Simple Stunning Wedding Flowers,” gave similar recommendation in using monotone, simple flowers “en masse.”

Let's take an example. If you want to make a unique arrangement with your flowers in a classic pave style, you will need hydrangeas or roses in a bouquet of ruffled carnations. In addition, you can try to keep some white baby’s breath flowers that will give you the intoxicating and soft fragrance. Well, do not forget its romantic and ethereal cloudlike effect that will turn your wedding into the unforgettable one.

As for the second place, manipulating foliage and flowers into completely-different textures and shape can also help you in achieving great wedding flowers even though you come with the tight budget.

I love how Bernstein transforms flax leaves. Unlike other florists who choose to leave these leaves as they are, Bernstein often weaves them inside a pot and tie these leaves in loops or knots. Sometimes, she chose to fold them to create funky shapes similar to origami or even sharp edges. If you want to create a minimalist style with bold end of the spectrum, try simple glass cylinders or cubes with the single flower and moss floating on top. As a recommendation I got from Bussen, you can try chrysanthemum, gerbera daisies, and other large round-headed flowers. These flowers are a perfect match for this arrangement.

    You should also not forget about non-floral elements you can incorporate to add a unique personality and a bit of dramatic  taste to your flowers. You can try pinecone picture frames, cork-filled frames, vintage picture frames, the small posy of roses, or lovely collection of flowers among bowls of pears and plums.


If you want to get the romantic taste, do not forget to add the lights. Place three pillar candles on top of vintage silver plate. Surround the tray with petals of three or four roses. Once you finished the arrangement, you will get a vintage-inspired and glowing accent that requires real flowers to feel unique and sumptuous.


With all the beautiful floral arrangement, your wedding will be truly worthy to be shared on your wedding website and on your social media accounts as well. 




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