"Congratulazioni. I nostri migliori auguri e tanta felicità."



Will you be having an Italian wedding or are you going to have a multicultural wedding that celebrates your culture and that of your partner's Italian heritage? If so, you might  be hearing a lot of warm wishes like that, along with your wedding bells soon!


Italians are known to be romantic and family-centered. They are full of love and are expressive of their affection towards their significant others, as well as their family and kin, and as much as they value their family, so as they give importance to their culture and way of life. While some Italian nuptials are done intimately, majority of this type of wedding is held in a grand and luxurious way because they most importantly include all of the dearest people close to them in celebrating matrimonial unions and observing their cultural practices all at the same time. Open communication and meticulous planning on how to combine the Italian customs with your own cultural heritage is the key in achieving a successful multicultural wedding.


Throwing a huge wedding reception is very common in Italian weddings considering the fact that there are a lot of special people partaking in the event . Because of the number of guests, the tables at the wedding reception is expected to be full of multiple courses. A wedding party oozing with fun is surely expected! With the countless themes and modern ways on how an Italian wedding is organized, still, the significance of the Italian wedding customs is emphasized. Generally, after the wedding vows were spoken, there's the breaking of the wine glass. The fragmented pieces symbolize the number of years the couple will share.  Also, the colour green signifies luck and so this shade has always been incorporated to Italian weddings. In terms of the wedding dishes, lavish is the word. As often as not, these weddings are held outdoors - on picturesque vineyards, at the top of majestic sea cliffs or within an ultimately charming garden. Truly Tuscan!


Take a glimpse of these Italian wedding ideas to inspire you on your multicultural wedding or Tuscan bridal theme!



an astounding Italian wedding from www.made-in-italy.com




a scenic Italian wedding from www.weddingsinitaly-onabudget.com




an Italian bridal makeup from www.justinalexanderbridal.com





a vintage Italian bridal car from www.distinctiveitalyweddings.com




an Italian wedding cake from www.bakeism.com




an Italian-inspired bridal hair from www.mostweddingflowerideas.com




a multicultural wedding website from Two Wed



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