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Kim Kardashian's lovely wedding veil


You may be having a hectic schedule- sending out paper invites and online invitations, talking to the caterer and having that regular meet-ups with your bridesmaids. You might have been very busy finding the right wedding dress for you and failed to give an equally ample time in planning for your wedding veil. But did you know that a wedding veil is like an extension of your dress, something that completes your overall bridal look? No matter how cliché the  line "Your hair is your crowning glory." may sound, planning on which type of wedding veil (as there are tons!), the kind of hair accessory to go with the veil and how the two significant headpieces go together with your wedding dress are still the keys in achieving the wedding look you have in mind. After all, your wedding veil is a part of that moment which paves the way to that first kiss as husband and wife; a witness to that wonderful beginning, so it is worthy to receive the adoration that it deserves on your big day. Seeing your stunning wedding pictures on your wedding website several years from now is a priceless thing indeed.


Whatever your wedding dress style is, it's important to initially know what type of veil you prefer, and then decide on a hair accessory to correspond with it, be it a headpiece such as a charming headband or any dazzling hair jewelry like a tiara or a hair comb. If you’re having a multicultural wedding, then a veil with a cloth that speaks about your heritage is definitely a great idea. Here are the general types of beautiful wedding veils that will surely kick-start your bridal veil search.



1. Ballerina – Fascinatingly sweet!

Falls just right below the knee but doesn’t exceed the ankle.



2. Birdcage - Peek-a-Boo with delight!

A petite veil covering the eyes and/or reaches the lips and chin.



3. Blusher - For a free-spirited you.

Covers the bride’s face and is oftentimes connected to a longer veil.



4. Cathedral -  One word: Regal.

The most breathtaking and dramatic, its impressive length and style is great for formal weddings.



5. Chapel – Oh, Stunning!

Still formal and striking yet easier to wear than the Cathedral as it just stretches out to the ground.



6. Elbow - Carefree and pretty!

Extends beyond the elbow but not reaching the fingertips.



7. Fingertip – Airy but sexy silhouette. 

The front part falls just right on the bride’s hands or fingertips.



8. Juliet Cap – Cherry on top!

This statement veil covers half of the head and is delicate yet charming.



9. Mantilla  - Gorgeously feminine.

With all the laces in trend, the mantilla’s refined accents and shape is definitely the most romantic of all.



10. Puffed-Out or Bouffant  - Make a statement!

A “make or break” veil but with the right accessories and bridal makeup, this veil can provide a classic, timeless look with personality!


If you want to sport a simple one-tiered wedding veil or a four-tiered chapel veil, you can certainly do! Also, your wedding veil may be decorated with some Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, flowers, laces, feathers and beads. Talk to your seamstress on how a veil with multiple layers and its design will complement with the subtlety or the intricacy of your wedding dress, as well as the type of wedding theme you’ve chosen. Remember, your dress might be the focal point of your wedding, but it's actually not- it's your overall wedding garb, so be sure that every piece- from head to toe- is well-coordinated and harmonizes with each other well.




...and the grandest of ‘em all!  

An elbow-length, mantilla veil  


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So which wedding veil type is your favourite?

Comment on lovelies! :)


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