There has been a lot of clamor as to which is actually better: paper invites or online invites. 

What gives?








Well it's clear that the said comparison helps to-be-wed couples in their wedding planning and in the announcement of their wedding day details in a more special manner. It's a chance for them to express what defines them as a couple and to convey what their chosen wedding theme and taste are. From the color, style, down to how it's being crafted, the process is certainly fun and exciting. In addition to that, simply telling someone that he or she is invited to a wedding versus informing them then following up with a paper invite is much more direct and will ultimately give your guest a feeling of warmth and appreciation. Whether it's a plainly chic paper invite or a luxurious one with pearls and rhinestones, a paper invite surely provides your guests a sense of worth.


What about the online wedding invites?



Just like choosing a stunning bridal dress online, you could certainly cherry-pick a beautiful wedding online invite. Aesthetically, most couples select a wedding online invite design that complements that of their wedding theme. Others are bolder- they choose a specific style that's actually different from that of their motif- truly unique! Some wish a simple and clean online invite to go with their wild or psychedelic wedding theme. The benefits of using online invites are more valued in the 21st century where billions of users have been reportedly going online on a regular basis. The cyberspace, albeit its disadvantages, enables one to get an immediate response in seconds! You don't get to have that kind of feedback when sending out a paper invite as a snail mail, right? It also makes sharing of your wedding updates and announcement very easy, with a few clicks actually, making communication easier than ever.


When the comparison is over, we will realize that there's no real winner in this battle. They definitely co-exist: The paper invites make the invitation more personal and in-depth, the online invites on the other hand make everything convenient and speedy for the to-be-wed couple and their guests to communicate with each other, especially if the need to reach out to guests from around the world is very high. They are both essential to a wedding planning- and no amount of juxtaposition is needed to prove that. The only thing in question is how your paper and online invites should look like. So go ahead and take pleasure in the process of finding the best one that exemplifies your wedding theme and you as a couple. Enjoy every inch of your wedding planning!



Don't know where to start?


For your paper invites, decide on a specific budget, how its final look should be, and choose a design that you and your fiance love. The budget should also be taken into consideration.


When it comes to online wedding invites, get them from Two Wed! Two Wed offers online wedding invites that look  equally charming and exquisite with bespoke paper invites. When it comes to customization, everything's seamless. You pick a design you choose and select the color combination that you prefer from the hundreds of color palettes, with a step-by-step process which is easily accessible on the right side of the panel.