Thinking of a great pre-wedding or a  wedding day gift for your husband-to-be? Tired of all those old school mementos? Feeling like some of your guy's "favourite" stuff do not really suffice?

Your wedding day only happens once  in your lifetime (well, we all hope so!), so it's the most perfect reason to have the best wedding gift that you could give to your HTB, aside from the sweetest "Yes" that you've uttered on the day you got engaged! This is also your chance to display your feminine beauty, celebrating your assets and flaunting the best that you can be- all showcased artistically to the man you love.

Surprise your HTB and allow him to witness your very best and most sensual poses and shots, which are creatively compiled in a glamorous photo book. Give him the gift he'll cherish on forever, reveling on your physical beauty at its best (and sexiest)- a jaw-dropping Bridal Budoir book!



Scorching hottt!!!


Wedding themes evolve. Motifs are combined. Bizarre and odd nuptials are respected. These days, self-expression has never been spicier (and steamier!), and bridal photography used as  wedding gifts are taken to a fierier level. More and more women opt to have a bridal boudoir photo shoot as a gift for their husbands-to-be. Lucky guys indeed!






You can choose the level of the so called "steaminess", depending of course on your threshold. Some prefer to just have a sexy or cheeky degree of erotica, while a lot choose to play it more titillating than the usual. A few have taken it a notch higher, with ala-Playboy mag pouts and poses and 50 Shades of Gray-ish clothing and accessories. Whatever it is that you want, openly talk to your boudoir photographer and discuss on how it can be achieved. It's your man and your wedding, so you better do this art YOUR way!





You cannot turn back the hands of time and return to that moment where you're feeling at your sexiest and most glamorous. But with a bridal boudoir photo album, you and your husband can browse over and over again to the sultry and stimulating aspects of your womanhood and your relationship. They’re not only a good way to boost romance but to up the level of your confidence in the forthcoming years, saying "I was there!". :)



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